Cacao Ceremony + Training



Cacao has been used for its medicinal and spiritual properties in ancient cultures across Abya Yala (the Americas), originated in Ecuador, the heart chakra of the world and is here to support us in our connection with our heart and intuition. An Indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and bring the Earth to a state of harmony.  This workshop will be an opportunity to receive wisdom shared by Día about what is a Cacao Ceremony, the art of sharing Cacao in Ceremony, ceremonial Cacao and honouring of the elders and lineages. It will be a spiritual, physical and emotional journey with Cacao. We will connect with the spirit of Cacao as a Sacred plant medicine and ally, with the intention of learning with them and anchoring into our hearts and love. 

Día was born in Ecuador, she is a Cacao sorceress and wisdom sharer, Tao Tantric Arts student, Temple of Amor priestess and the founder of CacaoAmor. Her mission is to share the nurturing powers of Cacao with people around the world. Having learned the art of sharing Cacao in ceremony she has travelled the world, sharing her skills and guiding others to open their hearts. She is a beautiful being of light, laughter and the energetic embodiment of joy inherent in the spirit of Cacao. Día has been initiated into the lineage of the Yumbos from Ecuador and is a lifetime student in Andean & Toltec wisdom, Vedic, Tao & Tantra practices. She has a passion for the connection between humans, nature and and the power inherent in love. Día works with a cooperative in Ecuador exporting ceremonial grade Cacao, protecting biodiverse farms, the people who care for them, and helping expand the Medicine of Cacao to the Seven Directions.


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