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I’m so excited that you are interested in uncovering how to immediately identify the root of a female client’s issue and guide her to release it in a 15-minute trauma-informed coaching breakthrough session that leaves her more connected with her body, purpose and self-worth.

Here’s what we’re up to:

We’re hosting a 3-hour training showing circle facilitators, coaches, therapists and healers a tried and true healing method that supports women to experience freedom in a deeper, more embodied way …

Without worrying about having all the answers laid out for her …
Without using generic life coaching techniques …
Without staying on the surface, dancing around or skirting the issue …
And with confidence that you know exactly how to connect her with her feminine wisdom and power.

If you already have a coaching or healing certification or are a licensed therapist and you are finding that your work isn’t penetrating deep enough to the root or taking too long to get there …

Or you are a circle facilitator and want to add in a unique healing modality to provide deeper 1:1 support in addition to the circle work …

I’m going to walk you through my method that I’ve developed over the past decade guiding hundreds of women in our leadership training to overcome their blocks and release stuck energy that has held them back for years!

All of our How to Lead Circle trainers can successfully guide participants to a breakthrough in 15 minutes with this method that would otherwise take years of therapy.

And many of those participants claim that their 15 minute hot seat was the best part of the program!

What I’ve learned over the past decade of working with tens of thousands of women in our events, workshops, circles and leadership trainings is that women have been conditioned to act a certain way to fit into a patriarchal system that devalues the feminine.

So while we have gained the freedom (in most countries) to marry who we want, buy property, vote and choose our career, we are not fully liberated to be truly, authentically ourselves.

We put a muzzle on ourselves, muting our truth.
We judge our bodies, disconnecting from our magic.
We contain our emotions, fearful of being called “crazy.”
We close our hearts, concealing our vulnerability.
We shut off our sexuality, feeling guilty about receiving pleasure.

For women to feel free, they need to come fully into, and feel safe to stay in, their bodies. From this place, they can access their feminine power through their intuition, emotions, sensuality, sexuality and creativity.

The key to liberation is to identity and release the stuck energy that has been passed down through generations and then access shakti energy – or the feminine life force – that lights women up and creates that vibrant glow that makes us so inspiring, magnetic and attractive (not to “get” a man, but to change the world we live in to be more harmonious.)

And all of this is possible when YOU, as the facilitator, understand EXACTLY what holds women back and how to guide women through a process to quickly get to the root of the block, release it and reclaim her feminine power.

During this 3 hour training, we’re going to demonstrate how quickly we can get to the root of someone’s block and show you how you can create quick and effective results for your female clients.

You’ll also walk away knowing …

* The #1 reason why new coaches get scared of going deeper with clients and what you need to embody to have an unshakeable knowing in your work

* How to spot a block quickly by identifying the 5 primary areas where women get stuck

* Where trauma comes from and how to make it your ally in doing work with the feminine

* A simple technique to drop a client out of resistance and into their body, open and ready to receive the work

* The most overlooked stage of the healing process that when activated creates the fastest results

And more!

When you understand the power of this work, it will transform your practice, resulting in more referrals as women experience massive change in their lives.

What I’m most excited about is giving you a methodology to hold yourself accountable to be the best version of yourself … this isn’t just for clients … it’s for you too as a practitioner!

You see, when I first learned the core process inside this methodology, it changed my life.

It was in 2013 when I was at my rock bottom, feeling so depressed, lost and confused. I had done so much “work” on myself, but I wasn’t penetrating past the surface.

Once I learned the core process, I went out on the trail near my house every morning to take myself through it, systematically tackling every block that I had.

For months, I did this, freeing myself from all the ways I held myself back.

In early 2014, things began to shift.

Within 6 months, I wrote my book, met my husband, launched Sistership Circle online with him as my partner, and found myself pregnant.

Talk about rapid transformation!

It’s one thing to have a powerful method to guide your clients to their success, it’s another to embody the work yourself, demonstrating what’s possible by using the method to make your own life amazing. You become the testimony, which is the best way to land more clients.

Imagine being able to shift out of fear, doubt and worry about what you know and don’t know … and instead, feel connected to your body, trusting your inner wisdom and intuition.

You develop an unshakeable knowing in your power as a practitioner when you know the pathway to the root of our biggest blocks, and how to remove them so that women are free to step into their power.

This is what we are up to: freeing the feminine. And we’d love for you to join us.


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