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Sister Stories

Circle is a safe place for women to be seen, heard and loved as themselves. It’s a place to share your stories of struggle and triumph.

To be lifted up when you feel down.
To be celebrated when you have surmounted an obstacle.
To be reminded of your brilliance.
To be cheered on when you are winning.

We believe that now is the time for women’s voices to be heard. For women to speak their truth, bring awareness to important issues, and empower one another with their stories.

Each story has medicine for other women who are on the same journey. And each woman has a story.

We want to hear yours.

Here’s how …

Our Submission Process


Storytelling is a powerful tool when you know how to effectively tell your story. We have a process to guide you through the art of storytelling so that your story touches, moves and inspires others.


Write from your heart and highlight the jewels of wisdom so that your story is empowering. Stories should be around 1000 words (no more than 2000 and no less than 500 words).


We’ll let you know if your piece needs more work or is ready for the next stage. We carefully curate the space with stories that leave people touched, moved and inspired.


Go through our corrections, make sure it still feels authentic to your voice and resubmit for the final stage.


We post your story on our blog and highlight it on our social media platforms. We’ll send you the link so you can share with your community.


Come be a part of our sistership community…
I used to think my story didn’t matter. But once I started to share authentically from my heart, I began to hear what a difference I made for others with my words.
When I posted vulnerable stories on Facebook or in my local circles, I would receive the same feedback over and over again: “that’s exactly what I needed to hear today!”
~ Tanya Lynn

Share Your Story

Your story can also have that impact too. And we’re here to hold space for your brilliance and be a platform for your truth to be seen and heard… Here’s how:
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2Your Story

Sister Story Guidelines

Here’s what we publish:

Stories that are real and authentic. It can be about the car crash that you almost died in, the social justice beliefs that you are passionate about, the business failure you had, the birth story of your daughter, the body shame you are currently dealing with, the divorce you went through, the health scare that changed the trajectory of your life … as long as it happened to you, we want to hear it. No story is too small, mundane or insignificant. No story is too much or over the top.

It can be a deep, life altering experience like Jill Bolte Taylor’s Ted Talk “My Stroke of Insight” or a small yet powerful insight you had while coaching one of your clients.

We want your transformational, personal story, which means that we also want to hear your insights and jewels of wisdom so that you translate what happened to you and bring it to impact the reader’s own life.

If you submit a video, please keep it to less than 10 minutes.

We take poetry, spoken word and art submissions.

Here’s what we DO NOT publish:

We do not publish promotional pieces. Your story can be about the lessons you’ve learned from the work that you do, or something that happened in your business, but please refrain from promoting your latest course, blog post or Facebook group.

Please refrain from hateful speech and obscenities. Opinions are welcome, but not intolerant judgments and prejudices.

Sistership Circle is spiritual, but not religious, so please do not preach about your religious beliefs. You can tell a story about something that happened at your synagogue or church, but keep it respectful to all other religions.

Your writing must be original and not published on another website. If you repurpose content from an article you wrote in the past, it must have a new title and additional content to make it original.

Other important guidelines:

If you have any references, please include links to those original sites. If you use someone’s quote, be sure to credit them.

If you submit any images, make sure you have permission or rights, and that you give them credit.

Sometimes telling your story may upset and trigger others. Speaking up for what you believe in may not be the status quo and may create backlash. This is what leadership is all about; saying the unsaid. As Brene Brown calls it, “Braving the wilderness.” We support your truth … as long as it is respectful.

Please be patient with our process … we’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible. We want to make sure we give you great feedback so that your story really shines, and that takes time.

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