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Sacred Purpose

On the High Priestess Stage: Natalie Jayne is offering 10 x 1hr Break Open Your Leadership Sessions here. Take action quickly to reserve your spot!

On the Goddess Stage: Belinda Anderson offers a copy of her book (eBook version), Living from the Inside Out, A Guide to Healing and Transforming your Life from Within. Enter this code to receive it: eBookGift – the link is here.

On the Queen Stage: Tricia Karp is gifting The 5 Secrets to Powerful Speaking here.

On the Wise Woman Stage: Amanda Helena offers you a beautiful meditation here.

Sacred Sexuality

On the High Priestess Stage: Elise Carr gifts you a video series to empower your Yoni, Heart, Mind connection here.

On the Goddess Stage: Nadine Lee gifts you a free copy of The Spirit Sessions (Chapter 1) here.

On the Queen Stage: Rosie Rees gifts you a free 15 minute phone coaching here, (scroll to the bottom of the page to click on the image ‘Access Your Free 15 Mins Today’)

As promised here is a copy of the Divine Feminine Manifesto from Nadine Lee –

Divine Feminine Manifesto

This woman, is contained in her sexual energy. She is completely aware of her sensual delights, yet uses it to bring joy and love, upon all those who enter her realm. She is the Queen of her Temple, whom shares her hearts gifts, with no expectation or conditions. She is pulsing with radiant life force energy but it comes across as sensual rather than sexual. Here is the key difference. It is like a subtle energy, that is incredibly powerful. She is not trying to be anyone else or prove anyone anything, she simply is herself and accepts her self exactly as she is, her body shape, who she is, her natural gifts & abilities and is deeply self aware & oozes confidence from within. She feels safe and secure in her self, and knows that she can look after herself; on all aspects of her being – financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually. She trusts in existence completely, and can easily surrender to life in all its expressions. She does not fall for external definitions of beauty. She sources all she needs from within. She is tapped into her feminine power, all embracing of her sexuality, integrated & embodies all archetypes of the feminine. She knows her source of power lies within her feminine body, in her heart & soul. She embraces & adores her womanly curves, she is deeply connected to her womb & unwavering trusts the mysteries of her intuition.

Sacred Commerce

On the High Priestess Stage: Lisa Fitzpatrick has gifted a free chapter of her beautiful book ‘Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women’, receive your copy here.

On the Goddess Stage: Karen Gunton the bad-ass Lighthouse Revolutionist is sharing with you the steps to build your very own lighthouse here.

On the Queen Stage: Do you want to know 3 secrets to success? The gorgeous Entrepreneurial Babes Nic & Ali want to tell you here. (just enter your details to subscribe)

Sacred Feminine

On the High Priestess Stage: Sam Cannell gifts you her eBook ‘9 Simple Steps to go from Flat to Fabulous’ here.

On the Goddess Stage: Anita revel offers you a free set of chakra oils with every set purchased (codeword: Sisterhood) here.

On the Queen Stage: Sarah lovingly gifts you her beautiful Animal Kin Mandala Colouring Book here.

Sacred Circle

On the High Priestess Stage: Jane Hardwicke Collings gifts you a copy of her eBook Herstory and drum journey here. (scroll to the bottom of the page).

On the Goddess Stage: Sharyn Holmes is gifting you and excerpt of her beautiful eBook Creative Fire: The Workshop of Courage, Connection and Compassion here.

On the Queen Stage: SJ offers you her Daily Goddess Ritual eBook here.
Allie Ackland Pripic from the livestream gifts you a Telepathic Heart Energy Healing free CD here.


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