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Summit Gifts

Here are the gifts from the Sacred Feminine speakers:

Elayne Kalila is gifting her Archetype Quiz here.

Amanda Collins is gifting a Forgiveness Meditation here.

Joanne Ameya is gifting her Flower Essence guide here.

Here are the gifts from the Sacred Sexuality speakers:

Christina Morassi gifts you a mini-course on your 7-figure orgasm (or whatever desire you want to harmonize with) here.

Lisa Schrader gifts you a mini-course on awakening your sacred sensual power here.

Suzanne McQueen gifts you the amazing book 4 Season in 4 Weeks by going here, selecting eBook, and use coupon code: TANYALYNN.

Caroline Muir gifts you her Tantric Pleasure Secrets here.

Here are the gifts from the Sacred Commerce speakers:

Joanna Lindenbaum is gifting her Sacred Business Archetype Quiz here.

Elizabeth Purvis is gifting her step by step method to attracting high end clients here.

Mellissa Seaman is gifting her Soul Gift Quiz and “Activate Your Soul Gift for Abundance” here.

Here are the gifts from the Sacred Manifestation speakers:

Sierra Sullivan gifts you her Pleasure Kit here.

Dr. Amanda Noelle gifts you her new moon cacao ceremony here.

Tabby Biddle gifts you her training on “How to Have More Political Influence and Power Without Running for Office” here.

Here are the gifts from the Sacred Circle speakers:

Heatherash Amara gifts you two chapters from her book (and the Goddess Warrior bootcamp if you purchase it) here.

Achintya Devi gifts you Moon Mandala Chart and Coupon Code for Wild Sacred Women Retreat here.

Peta Bastian helps you embrace your inner guru here.

Here are the gifts from the Livestream circle leaders:

Alicia Diaz gifts you her Sacred Meditation & Miracle Activation Guided Practice here.

Patrina Wisdom gifts you her Awakening Life Audio here.

Alison Elsberry gifts all the moms (and moms-to-be) out there her “Ready to Fill My Cup And Enjoy More Peace, Presence and Ease Nurturing My Child’s Spiritual Gifts” here.

Tziporah Kingsbury gifts you “The Intimate Truth Within Your Breath – A Simple 15-Minute Daily Practice to Clear Away Emotional Clutter and Live From Your Personal Tuned In, Turned On Power” here.


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  1. Working through some stuff… about confronting the Disaster Mind in Me.

    Yesterday, last night, and today I opened up to Receive the Wellness From the Universe and LISTENING to its Voice~ It’s Messengers from the Ether as well as My virtual Tribe of Go To Gurus ~ Brought Me Home to Myself. ..

    Ended up with this Bloggy Post and a FREE pdf for Survivors to color (LINK REMOVED: SELF PROMOTION)

    ~Wishing all of you a low pain day.

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