Tap Into Your Feminine Superpower of Intuition

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While there are so many tricks and tips I can give you to become a skilled facilitator, at the end of the day, what distinguishes a masterful facilitator who commands the space and leads powerful transformational experiences is a woman leading from her intuition.

And it’s one thing to have an intuitive hit and a whole other thing to trust it and act on it.

Let me share with you a story about this …

During one of How to Lead Circle 12-Week Program calls where two of the program participants were leading, one of the other participants came on the call and then right after the opening meditation, told us she needed some self-care and couldn’t be present. She paused, and then hung up.

Both leaders said that their intuition told them to say something, but because they were so surprised and taken off guard, neither said anything.

It was a beautiful learning moment for everyone in the program because they got to see how quick you have to respond to your intuition.

And here’s the thing: there was no right or wrong way to respond to that situation, or any situation for that matter. Part of this process is to trust not only your intuition, but also the divinity of it all.

Because as long as you reflect on the lessons, either way you choose, the result is transformation.

What I have found is that honing our intuition (feeling it AND acting on it) comes from experience. So instead of beating yourself up when you don’t trust it, to use that as an opportunity to learn for the next time.

In this particular situation, acting on intuition would have looked like taking a deep breath and then asking the group to pause and invite everyone to drop the agenda and let her share what’s happening inside. She can then chose to share (which she may have wanted to do since she showed up on the call and then paused before hanging up).

The more clear you are in your head and dropped down listening to your womb space, the easier it is to hear your intuition. It’s usually the thoughts of fear, doubt and worry that prevent us from listening and acting on our intuition.

You can learn more in Chapter Six of the How to Lead Circle eBook.

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