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The most important question to answer after quarantine

Yesterday, I had my parents and brother’s family over to hang in the backyard and BBQ. It feels like summer here in San Diego and everyone is itching to get outside. Thank goddess the local beach opened – at least for walks and surfing.
While we were chatting after dinner about our predictions around what’s to come, my brother stopped our conversation with a powerful question.
“What are you taking and leaving behind from this experience?”
We’ve learned a lot during the past month.
The power of rallying behind a common cause. Imagine what would be possible if we used the same global community efforts to stop global warming.
The power of circle. Zoom blew up as communities flocked online to gather virtually for support and connection.
The power of generosity. People helping to raise money, people giving resources to strangers.
The list goes on.
While so much harm has been done by this pandemic from job loss to increased numbers of domestic and child abuse, there has also been so much gold.
We’ve had an opportunity to sit and reflect on our lives, and as we start to come out of isolation, we can choose to leave things behind and take things that really served us.

Here are the top three things I’m taking with me from my quarantine:

1 – Gardening
This was a major wake up call for ALL of us to see how we can source our own food in the face of emergency. Not only that, but limit the amount of pesticides (like Round up) in our food supply.
I’ve built my garden, started my worm compost and even have chickens coming on Thursday (there’s a 30 day waitlist to get chickens!)
My friend referred me to a wonderful resource for gardening, even if you live in a small place with a little outdoor area.
Check out the Square Foot Gardening Method here:
2 – Homeschooling
With word on the street that schools are going virtual next year, I feel like my decision has been made of whether or not to homeschool.
Homeschooling is 100% the way to go.
It’s been challenging having the girls home 24/7 while balancing work, but we’ve done it. What once felt daunting now feels possible. I’m excited about finding other entrepreneurial moms who want to create a homeschool community together, teaching emotional intelligence, spiritual growth, connection with nature in addition to math, science, reading and writing.
3 – Seeing all perspectives
My husband and I have not seen eye to eye on many issues from parenting to wearing a mask.
I have let go of being right about anything and instead have been consciously choosing to listen to understand his point of view.
He has challenged me over and over again and it comes down to this: practice non-judgment.
Love is more important than being right.

Here are the top three things I’m leaving behind:

1 – Plans
Back in February, Brent said to me: “I feel like what’s missing is a plan for this year. We had everything planned out last year and nothing on the calendar this year.”
But I had a strong resistance to make any plans.
Now I see why.
There is no point in worrying about what’s going to happen. It’s all revealing itself in perfect timing.
Just living in the NOW, day by day, is a lesson in trust and flow.
2 – Rushing
Yesterday, Summer (my 2.5 year old) slept in til 9am! That’s a miracle … I don’t think she’s slept that late EVER.
I used to always be rushing in the morning, causing my family so much anxiety. I’ve enjoyed our slower mornings and not feeling like I have to get the girls up and out so quickly.
3 – Separation
Not being in community has definitely affected me. And while Zoom has been nice, it has not been a replacement I’m willing to accept.
In person circles are 100x more powerful than gathering online.
I have been forwarded an essay called “The Coronation” many times and I finally read it yesterday.
And I realized that while this is a great question to consciously choose what to take and leave behind from this experience to glean the gold from it, the most important question is actually this:
“What is life for?”
One of the themes emerging from this experience is sovereignty.
From consciously choosing to grow my own food to educating my children.
I have choice. I have rights. And I have the power within me.
It’s a big theme in general here at Sistership Circle where we learn to step into our sovereignty when we step into circle.
The essay concludes:
“The true sovereign serves the people, serves life, and respects the sovereignty of all people … No longer the vassals of fear, we can bring order to the kingdom and build an intentional society on the love already shining through the cracks of the world of separation.”
I’ve said this many times over the past month: Circle is clearly needed more than ever. Circle is the vehicle to build an intentional society.
What’s my life for? Circle. Community. Connection.

I’d love to hear from you …

What are taking and leaving behind when you come out of quarantine? What is your life for? 


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