Transform with Ixchel – Activating the Medicine Woman Archetype

On April 23 I sent an email about the defining moment when I declared that I wanted to be a mother. That moment put me on the accelerator path for deep healing and transformation, giving me the tools and capacity to handle any challenge. You can read about that moment here if you missed it.

What’s so fascinating is the miracles that show up when you share something out loud … whether it is declared in circle, to a friend, or in an email.

Our words carry enormous power.

In this case, over the past few weeks as I’ve been writing about and going through the process of enrollment for the 4th year of Mastery, I’ve been on a wild ride of diving into yet another layer of healing and transformation.

When you are about to hold a big container (in my case, nine months for Mastery of Circle Leadership), you are going to get the medicine you need to really expand your capacity for what’s to come.

I have officially been initiated for the initiation.

What’s interesting about my share on April 23 is that I left out a part of the story about the other healer who I met that same week, Mimi Miller. This amazing woman opened up the gateway by helping me release the numbness and underlying fears around having a baby. I left her out because I ended up working with Barry for 9 months.

But Mimi made a comeback last week. Rocking my world.

I woke up at 3:30am one night after an extreme power struggle with Kali determined to find Mimi. I couldn’t remember her name (even though it was in my phone) and did a search on the internet. Found her. Called her the next day. Saw her a few days later.

Mimi is an acupuncturist who also does Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She takes you to the originating memory of an emotion you are currently feeling and helps you feel it to release it.

For me, RAGE was consuming me. I just couldn’t take it with my 3 year-old any longer.

Mimi took me right back to my own 3 year-old self and I screamed and cried. No particular memory came up, but the feeling was so real. I felt like a toddler. When I came out of a form of hypnosis, it became very clear to me why I was in a power struggle: I was a 3 year-old trying to parent another 3 year-old. Completely unconscious, triggered, and unable to connect with my higher self.

Immediately after the session, things shifted with Kali. I went back for a second session a few days later and cleared another layer of anger, coming to a more grounded belief that I can still be lovable AND love everybody despite being really f-ing pissed off.

Thank goddess.

I can just imagine the deep healing and transformation that is going to occur at the first Mastery retreat on the solstice … and the shift that is about to take place in the entire Sistership Circle organization.

I am a Medicine Woman.
Initiated for the next level of my leadership.
Holding space for a tribe of Medicine Women, ready to unleash their power in the world.

There is no coincidence that this month’s archetype for the Facilitator Tribe is the MEDICINE WOMAN, with a focus on managing energy.

We have a new offering for women to get a taste of this archetype through a specific goddess who stirs up the pot: Ixchel.

If you have not heard of this Mayan goddess, she is powerful.

We have put together a special package to activate her medicine within you here.

Introducing the Ixchel Medicine Woman Archetype Activation Package

This offering is for you if:

** you feel yourself at a transition, or crossroads and need guidance
** are ready for your next level of leadership
** desire deeper self-trust and follow your own inner wisdom
** need to shift out of a co-dependent relationship and find your sovereignty

Ixchel will open up the channel for your own transformation, if you are willing to receive her medicine. Use her energy for strength and courage to shed your skin this month and wash away what no longer serves you.

In this package, you’ll receive Ixchel’s:

* Medicine Visualization mp3
* Medicine Visualization transcript
* Medicine Invocation mp3
* Medicine Invocation transcript
* Step by step Ritual
* and a special Bonus interview with Yadi Alba (this powerhouse woman goes DEEP!)

It’s available for you for a love exchange of $22.

>>> “YES! I’m ready to activate with Ixchel”

I’m super excited that we’ll be offering these sacred packages each month … something to look forward to! And by the way, members of the Facilitator Tribe get the activation included in the membership.

Look forward to activating more medicine women this month!

In sistership,
Tanya Lynn


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