Why I lead women’s circles

I will never forget the first time I fell apart in a women’s circle. I had just gone through a breakup and had no where else to go. I walked into the house crying and fell into the lap of a sister. She stroked my face and back and held me as I cried. As the women trickled in, they all held space as I sobbed and wailed.

At some point, I stopped.  “Ok, I’m ready to talk about something else now.”

No one tried to fix me. No one tried to make me feel better. They simply held space for me in that vulnerable, tender moment.

Circle has held me over the years as I’ve gone through it all. Breakups. Getting pregnant. Getting married. Being tired and exhausted. Being pumped up and on fire. Feeling broke. Feeling wealthy.

Circle has been the place for me to bring all parts of myself and let it all hang out. A place of non-judgment. A place of acceptance. A place of love and nurturing. A place of accountability.

There are so many beautiful, profound moments of circle that have kept me committed for years. It’s been a place of self-discovery, of sisterhood, of leadership, of family.

In that entire span of time, there is one particular circle that stands out as the time when I knew my deepest WHY. The reason why I was committed to being in (and leading) women’s circles for the rest of my life.

It was 5 days after I gave birth to my daughter. I led circle at my house despite my exhaustion, my aches and pains, and my stitches. I gave myself permission to not lead that night, but I knew in my heart that I needed it. This would fill me up. This would give me the strength for the upcoming week. So I asked the women to come to my house instead of our typical meeting place.

I nursed my baby during that circle despite my apprehension that it was disruptive. And then at the end, we lay her down in the middle of the circle while we sang her name. Tears streamed down my face. This is community. This is family. This is the life that my daughter is coming into.

I realized in that moment that I was in circle for her. My daughter. So she would have aunties that she could call on. So that I would be supported as I raised a daughter in this world.

So she would see what true sisterhood was like.
So she would feel comfortable gathering with her friends and talking about supporting one another instead of competing.
So she would see the power of being an authentic, vulnerable woman.

I am circling for her generation. To be the example of empowered feminine leadership. To be the example of women supporting women.

I circle for myself, yes, always. And I circle for all the women who need it. I circle and circle and circle until we are all circling. Everywhere.

One global village of empowered women and girls.

I ask you to circle with me so that together, in sisterhood, we can make a better world for our daughters. And their daughters. And their daughters.

The world needs us women to circle. To cry on each other’s shoulders. To laugh and dance and sing together. To know that we are not alone. To be one.


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