15 Traits of Successful Feminine Leaders

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As a proponent for women’s leadership, I’ve studied and watched many of my women friends and colleagues who are running successful businesses with more of a feminine approach. It’s inspiring. This is a new model of leadership that allows for a woman to be in her full power and in flow with her natural rhythm.

As more and more women are inspired to make a difference in the world, they don’t have a lot of public role models to do it in a sustainable way. The result is burnout, frustration and exhaustion.

The key to successful feminine leadership is integration. Feminine leaders are not overly feminine or overly masculine; they have found the alchemy between the two that helps them gain results without sacrificing themselves.

Here are 15 traits of successful feminine leaders:

1) Embodies Passionate Purpose and Clear Vision

There is no doubt in her mind what she’s here to do. She feels it in her soul, and it resonates in every part of her body. It is who she is. It gets her out of bed in the morning. When she speaks, people feel her passion for her purpose. It is contagious. She can see it in her mind’s eye and she is able to translate that vision into words so people are touched, moved and inspired to take action.

2) Exudes Glowing Beauty

It doesn’t matter her height, weight, skin color, or hair color, there is something stunning about the way she looks. She owns her body and that self-love exudes confidence. She is radiant. You can see the sparkle in her eye and her smile pulls you in. She’s simply irresistible. She’s got that feminine glow that lights up a room.

3) Takes Pleasurable Action

Her barometer to take action is based on whether it is pleasurable. She knows to outsource the things she’s not good at because they frustrate her and bring her out of that glow. She follows her desires and does not think in terms of “should” or “ought to”.

4) Practices Exquisite Self-Care

She knows that in order to give to others without burning out and depleting herself, she must first fill her cup. Like the old adage: put your oxygen mask on first, she starts her day doing things that put her in a state of relaxation and ends her day doing things that help her unwind. She does not sacrifice her time that she sets out for herself because it is sacred.

5) Not Afraid of Her Own Shadow

This may be one of the biggest distinctions that has her stand out: she does her own shadow work. She does not sweep her issues under the rug and pretends they are not there. She does not spiritually bypass her anger, frustration or sadness. She allows herself to feel and gets to the root cause so she can transform it.

6) Sees Every Breakdown as an Opportunity to Break Through

When something is not going her way and she comes up against an obstacle, she does not let that circumstance take her out. Instead, she sees all obstacles and breakdowns as opportunities. She does not believe in failure, nor does she believe in giving up. She looks at every problem as “figure-out-able”. She knows that the bigger the game she is playing, the bigger the breakdowns, and those breakdowns give her what she needs to get to the next level. She remembers that the goddess will never give her something she can’t handle.

7) Serves with Generosity

Because she’s so connected with her purpose and here to make a difference, her leadership is based on being of service. She seeks to listen and understand what people are dealing with and provide solutions based on needs. She is generous with her resources because she knows that what she gives will come back according to the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving.

8) Practices Meditation

To calm, purify and strengthen her mind, she meditates. She has explored many forms of meditation and finds the one that feels best for her. She is committed to keeping her mind and body clear and knows that silence and stillness are key to optimal health.

9) Balances Flow with Action

One of the hardest things she is constantly working on is finding feminine flow balanced with masculine action. She notices when she is trying to force and manipulate an action to take place because it doesn’t feel right in her body. She finds that sweet spot where everything flows like magic. The key is in listening to and being in her body.

10) Values the Planet, Profits and People in Business

She is not here to make a quick buck at the expense of the planet or people. She understands the importance of taking care of our earth and is conscious of her carbon footprint. She choose sustainable actions in her life, knowing that these have a far greater ripple effect than what meets the eye. She’s here as a conduit for the divine feminine and a stand for Mother Earth.

11) Surrounds Herself with Other Feminine Leaders in Circle

Every feminine leader understands that she does not live in a bubble and she does not need (or want) to do it all by herself. She embraces sisterhood and surrounds herself with other women who are on a similar path. She allows herself to surrender and let go in a circle of women so that she can recharge, refuel and reclaim her power. She leans into collaborations and co-creations that are in alignment with her purpose. She takes time to connect heart to heart with other women and build solid friendships based on mutual respect and love.

12) Remains Visible on Social Media with Inspirational Posts

She sees social media as a powerful platform for her message and is consistent with posting relevant and inspiring content for her growing audience. She has no fear of showing her face and being real because she knows who she is and that it’s ultimately not about her but the mission she’s serving. Because she is visible, she attracts resources and opportunities to support her mission.

13) Turns Pain into Power

Instead of feeling shame about any past traumas or dramas, she sees that her pain is actually her greatest strength. It shows her endurance and courage to overcome adversity. She knows that anything she’s gone through in the past has brought her to where she is today and made her the woman she is today. She uses her stories of pain to connect with and inspire others to heal, grow and transform.

14) Leads with Authenticity and Vulnerability

A feminine leader is herself and only herself. She does not feel the need to hide her flaws, her messiness or her feelings. She has embraced both her shadow and her light and has great capacity to play her full range. She’s perfectly imperfect and has no problem letting others know that because ultimately, she knows that she then gives others permission to be their true selves as well.

15) Attracts Wealth and Abundance

She sees that money is not evil and is only a means to make more of a difference so she opens herself to receive more wealth in the form of resources, opportunities and connections to fulfill her mission. She is so abundant on the inside, focused on what she has and who she is, that her outer world is a reflection of that self-worth.

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