3 Secrets to Growing Your Circle Fast

Do you know what the hardest part for women when it comes to leading a women’s circle? It has nothing to do with facilitation.

It’s getting women to come to the circle.

Over the past 6 years of leadership development, I have witnessed many incredible facilitators struggle to attract women to their circles, workshops, events and programs.

In fact, I’ll never forget my first facilitator training program when I was so focused on teaching the facilitation skills that I never told them how to get women to come to their circle. And you know what happened? NONE of those facilitators started a circle!

Since making that mistake, I’ve learned that this is the single most important piece of information you need to know if you want to be a circle leader. And while it takes some skill, there are some secret hacks that anyone can use, skilled or not. Simply using these hacks can easily double or triple the amount of women who show up.

These three secrets not only help you to attract women to your circle the first time, but help you continue to grow your circle month after month. 


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