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Facilitator Friday: How to Shift Out of Comparison

We circle to develop deep meaningful relationships with other women. But in general, women don’t trust each other because of what’s called “the sister wound.”

From being in circle with hundreds if not thousands of women over the years, I’ve identified 7 core sister wounds.

Today, I’d like to talk about one that if you transform will help you cultivate more feminine power.

In the world of social media where everyone can post their perfect vacations, their perfect yoga poses — essentially their perfect life — we find ourselves feeling bad about our situation and comparing our lack of success, whether it is money, relationship, job, health or accolades.

“She has more than me” ruins our self-esteem, making us feel down and out about life.

We forget that the picture perfect scenes are only a part of the real package.

We forget that photoshop and filters make everything look better than it actually is.

I remember when I had my first baby and I saw some of my friends reaching new levels of success in their businesses. I found myself comparing myself and feeling less than.

If only I waited and didn’t get pregnant. I would be where they are.

It felt like I would never get ahead.

But when I shifted out of this mindset, I started to trust my own journey and step more into my feminine power.

If you find yourself wanting what other women have, I have some good news.

YOU can have it too.

I was interviewed by a dear sister Antia Boyd who has put together The Feminity University, a free interview series for women to attract more love, connection, flow & fulfillment by embodying the feminine arts.

Antia and I have circled together for a couple years here in San Diego and her husband Brody was in Brent (my husband’s) men’s group. Together, Antia and Brody help women magnetize love.

This summit is really powerful in upleveling your RELATIONSHIPS – whether that is romantic, with colleagues, in sisterhood – by focusing on who you are being in your feminine power.

In addition to healing the sister wound with me, you’ll also learn:

♥ How To Navigate The Sensitive Zone Between Being A “People Pleaser”
& A Bitch To Attract A Long-Term, Committed Relationship

♥ The Dangerous Consequences Of Resisting Your Core Feminine Energy
In Life & Love

♥ Finding The Delicate Balance Between Masculine & Feminine Energy
In Relationships & Work

♥ The 5 Common Myths & Misunderstandings About Femininity

♥ Secrets To Access Your Magnetic Feminine Allure Through Your Body

♥ The Unknown Irresistible Power Of Becoming Emotionally Naked

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Once you register, Antia’s put together an optional quiz for you about relationships.

Enjoy …

In sistership,

Who are you comparing yourself to? Why? What are you saying about yourself?


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