3 Ways to Release during the Full Moon

This final full moon of 2020 is a beautiful opportunity to manifest your intentions from earlier this month during the new moon, and also to step into your calling and desires for 2021.

Now here’s the thing about manifestation …

You are ALWAYS manifesting with your thoughts, words and actions, whether it’s what you want or what you don’t want.

Brent and I have been deep in ceremony and conversations over the past week getting clear on what we want 2021 to look like.

After supporting my soul purpose for the past 6 years, he’s ready to follow another calling. While we know part of his role on this planet is to be in service to the divine feminine, there is something pulling at him that is outside of Sistership Circle.

You may relate having a “job” that feels … well, not quite on the mark. Perhaps you want to want to create a new business or become a circle leader. You feel a calling.

Chances are, it’s spiritual in nature.

Back to Brent … we hit a nerve in a series of conversations and all of a sudden, things started to open up. It was as if the universe was pushing him in a direction. Everything was flowing like magic. He had tears in his eyes and felt sick to his stomach.


He got in his head. He started to doubt it all. He wondered if he was manifesting the wrong thing.

What happened?

Is this NOT the right path?

Is this NOT the right timing?

Is this NOT the thing he wants?

How do you KNOW?

Here’s what I know:

Soul callings require initiations. Our human conditioning gets us off our soul track, and when we get close, it can feel intense, bringing trauma and tension in the body.

This is normal.

The ego wants to keep you safe and small, while the soul requires a letting go of the ego, trusting and surrendering to the mystery.

I believe that Brent’s on the right track simply because I saw it when I looked deep in his eyes. I have witnessed how everything has been leading to this point for him for years now.

I have also witnessed how he allows the resistance to overtake him and keep him stuck in analysis paralysis.

So the key here is in two things: RELEASE and ALLOW.

Powerful Full Moon Rituals include both the clearing and the creating, the release and the manifestation.

Old traumas are stuck and stored in the physical body. When we hit a block – whether that’s a doubt or fear arising – it triggers an old emotional reaction in the body, and we go into fight, flight or freeze.

If you want to utilize this Full Moon energy today to call in and manifest your soul purpose and heart’s desires for 2021, then my invitation is to do a Release Ceremony.

There are many ways to release old traumas in the body that are blocking you from moving forward. While we love to burn things, the most powerful release techniques are somatic in nature.

Here are three release methods:

???? Movement ????

Our culture has become so sedentary and we become physically stiff when we are sitting all day behind a computer. When you move your body, you move the qi, opening up the channels, allowing emotions to flow.

Set an intention of what you want to release before you start the movement. Use the movement deliberately and without inhibition to move energy in your body. If tears come up, allow them. You can dance, run, jump, swim or hike.

???? Sound ????

Using toning, singing, screaming, humming, or om’ing, you create a vibration in the body that moves stagnant energy. We tend to feel stuck in our solar plexus, the power center around self-worth. Get on your hands and knees and combine both cat/cow movement and low toning sound to break up the blockage in the middle of your body.

???? Purging ????

While this is uncomfortable, it works. This is why dietary cleanses are so important; they detox the body. So whether it’s spitting, vomiting, sweating, crying, or pooping, letting those fluids flow out move the energy out too.

A lot of people are feeling called to do plant medicines to assist in the purging purification process with good reason. It’s opening up the body.


This is the work.

The Full Moon is the mirror of our full self-expression, our wide open fullness, our light, our magnificence.

If we do not clear out the old patterns, conditioning, traumas and stifled energy and emotions, we stay tethered, stuck, contracted and dim.

You doing the release work is critical to you coming into deeper alignment, expansion and evolution. Upgrading your consciousness, rising up into your full power.

Because today’s moon is in Cancer, it reminds us to create an emotional safe space for us to play full out in our release.

Also, it reminds us to use water as the purification element to aid your release. You can do a cold water immersion to shock the body “awake” and then pick one of the three release methods above.

After your release, you can soothe the body with an epsom salt and essential oil bath, relaxing into your body to open even more. The nurturance and self-care is equally important for integration of the work.

When you are relaxed, it is then easier to allow.

Ultimately, we are not in control. We are in a co-creative process with the universe. There is a flow to life already happening, the question is, are we open to receiving?

Blessings on your path of self-realization and manifestation.

In sistership,
Tanya Lynn

PS. Get your Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook HERE.

PPS. Want to lead a Full Moon Circle? Here’s a resource for you.


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