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7 Step Ritual to Honor the Dark Moon today ????????????????????????

Today is a powerful portal with the total solar eclipse, New Moon in Sagittarius and The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

The energy is thick and potent for a great revealing. But first, we must go within, into the dark.

And there, waiting for us, is the Wise Woman.

Ancient wisdom of our wombs.

This has been a year of uncertainty. We can’t plan for the future because it is completely new, a total mystery, the unknown.

And that scares us because we have been conditioned to figure everything out, to have clarity, to understand what we are experiencing from our rational, logical minds.

This is the conditioning of the patriarchy, creating an imbalance where we trust our minds over our body’s intuition.

So we are afraid of the dark, don’t trust the unknown.

Even though in the void lies the feminine.

We don’t want to go there so we’ve named her as evil. A witch. A sorceress.

She has been cast out and dismissed in our modern culture. She has become the reluctant leader inside many women, too afraid of being burned at the stake.

But now is the time to be brave.

When we speak of the divine feminine rising, we are speaking of the rebirth and renewal from that fertile void, from the dark.

So with the sun going dark today, it signals a transition and a grand reveal. One we can’t quite comprehend, that is beyond our frame of reference, beyond what we currently know.

We are at the precipice of a new dawn, a new era.

And it is up to us as women to step into our leadership and go into the dark despite our fears, to reconnect with the wisdom of our ancestors, our grandmothers, to remember the truth of who we are, and become the light for others who cannot quite see clearly yet.

Today’s new moon marks the final dark portal of 2020 before we step into 2021.

With this new moon, we slow down, we turn inward, we let go and release, we die. If we are bleeding during this time, we shed to feel that sacred wisdom in our physical bodies.

We look at the lessons and any wild raw emotions that came up in the past cycle. We integrate and transmute that into wisdom.

7 Step Ritual to Honor the Dark Moon today:

1 – Create sacred space with crystals and candles to activate your intuition

Light a candle to symbolize the opening of sacred space for your ritual.

Bring in any crystals to support you in connecting with the spiritual realm.

Amethyst super charges your intuition, opening and activating your third eye and crown chakra. Placing a piece of amethyst over your third eye during a meditation for intuition will help you become more in tune with your senses and your spiritual self.

2 – Call in the grandmother spirits to guide you

Sit in meditation with your hands on your womb, and listen to The Grandmother Song:

Call in your spirits to connect with you, to share their wisdom, to guide you in this ritual.

3 – Sit in your discomfort, your darkness, and pain. Resist the urge to judge yourself (or others), instead express the wisdom of compassion.

Make a list of your struggles and any shadow arising. Be with any emotions that are there.

4 – Release

Whether or not you are bleeding, this is the time of the month to release and shed what no longer serves you.

Use the 4 elements to cleanse your body, mind and spirit:

Air: Clear your space with sage or palo santo
Fire: Burn a list of limited beliefs
Water: Cleanse your body with a cold shower
Earth: Let go of and get rid of any physical objects that hold stagnant energy

Listen to this song and move your hips in a figure eight to release anything you are holding:

Dance of the Seven Sisters by Deya Dova

5 – Eye gaze with yourself in the mirror

With your hands on your womb, close your eyes after your dance and pause in stillness. Then look at your own eyes in the mirror, looking beyond your appearance at your soul. Gaze for at least 2 minutes with a soften of any judgment, bringing love and acceptance to this wise woman standing before you.

6 – Share your wisdom

As the WISE WOMAN, you are a wisdom keeper. You are here to bring forth the ancient knowing within you to support the evolution of this planet and her people.

When you are integrated in your healthy wise woman aspects — which happens when you are grounded in your deep feminine presence — you bring truth bombs that shake people to their core and wake up their souls.

Use this mantras to feel confident that what you have to say and share matters:

“I am a gold mine of sage wisdom and knowledge!
I have a respected and honored voice that others want to hear.
I am grounded in my deep feminine presence, power and authority.”

Write a post on social media or call a sister and share your experience.

7 – Close Sacred Space

Blow our your candle to signal the completion of sacred space. Integrate any insights by journaling.

Bless you, sister, for being on this journey with us. Please share how this ritual was for you or any other wisdom you wish to share with our community in the comments below.

In sistership,


PS. The Brave Woman Podcast is coming next month! Stay tuned for the first 6 episodes to be released after the New Year!


Grandmother Song

I hear the voice of my grandmother calling me
I hear the voice of my grandmother’s song

She said:

Stand in your power, women.
Stand in your power.

She said: Listen. Listen, Listen.

I hear the voice of my grandmother calling me
I hear the voice of my grandmother’s song.

She said:

Give birth, give life, mothers.
Give birth, give life.

She said: Listen. listen, listen.

I hear the voice of my grandmother calling me.
I hear the voice of my grandmother’s song.

She said:

Teach them, be wise.
Grow and teach them, be wise.

She said: Listen. listen, listen.

I hear the voice of my grandmother calling me.
I hear the voice of my grandmother’s song.

She said:

Wake up, wake up, child.
Wake up, wake up.

She said: Listen. listen, listen.


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