Contribute to the next Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook

Women's Circle Rituals

Do you currently lead circles and have an amazing ritual?

I am excited today to extend a special invitation for you to be featured in the Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook!

Rituals have been practiced for specific purposes throughout history in all areas of life such as to improve health, have a child, establish your power as a ruler, or become more attractive for a partner.

They have also been used in sacred women’s circles to create deeper connection and manifest intentions with a group energy field.

Over the past two years, I have been working on a collaborative project to compile hundreds of rituals that can be widely used by circle facilitators globally.

You may have seen the Spring or Summer books already. Or if not, you can check them out here:

Download the Summer Ritual Handbook
Download the Spring Ritual Handbook

The scope of the project is to create 4 books for each season with 44 rituals per book to create a complete box set.

Our focus is on LEGACY … preserving and sharing cultural rituals for circles around the world. We are making great efforts to share the wisdom and rituals from various cultures around the world. If you have any recommendations of other contributors, please let us know!

This book will be beautifully made as both an opt-in free download and a print version.

We are currently focused on finishing the Fall and Winter handbooks and we’d love for you to be part of it!

Choosing Your Circle Ritual or Story

Please choose a ritual, activity, process, or teaching that has been impactful in your circles or your life and that you’d want other women to use in their circles or for personal ceremony.

We have already filled Spring and Summer and are now accepting contributions for Fall and Winter.

For Fall Rituals:

  • Fall Equinox 
  • Fall Full Moon
  • Fall New Moon
  • October Circle
  • November Circle

Topics could include: Abundance, Prosperity, Gratitude, Harvest, Mother Earth, Change/Impermanence, Samhain/Halloween, Transformation, Mortality, Ancestors, Time …

(read more here for ideas)

For Winter Rituals:

  • Winter Solstice 
  • Winter Full Moon
  • Winter New Moon
  • December Circle
  • January Circle
  • February Circle

Topics could include: Cave of creation, self-care, going inward, cleansing, first light, triple goddess, snow, celebrating family, holiday tree, reflection, veil, visioning, Mary Magdalene …

(read more here for ideas)

Please email me 1-3 ideas first to make sure we have a wide range and cover all topics from the contributors.

Two Steps to Participate:

1) Submit your details easily here +

2) Email your ritual in the prescribed format to



1 paragraph introduction:

Intention and outcome of the ritual:

Materials and supplies:

Step by step instructions:

Any integration tips:

Your Name:

Your Bio (less than 100 words):

Your free gift (must be an active link for at least 2 years):

If you’d like to submit a written essay/story in addition to (or in lieu of) the ritual, you’ll see the option on the form above.

What’s In It For You

As a contributor, you will have the opportunity to …

  • share your ritual with 1000s of women
  • give a free gift to have women opt-in to your mailing list
  • Contribute to the spread of 1 million circles on the planet, empowering women everywhere to create safe, sacred spaces

Sistership Circle has a mailing list of 40K women actively sitting in circle, seeking to start a circle, or already leading one so our audience is eager to receive these books.

So far, over 10K women have downloaded the Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook. Once we create the four season bundle, we’ll be creating a lead magnet and use Facebook Ads to promote. Which means that we expect them to be in the hands of at least 30-50K women. And this is an ongoing evergreen book, which means it will continue to be shared for years to come! That’s a lot of opportunity for exposure. 

What’s Required to Participate

Please fill out this form with your Ritual. We need some time for our designer to put the book together so the sooner you submit, the better. 

All leaders are required to promote the Ritual Book to your community with:

  • 1 solo mailer email
  • 1 small blurb in your regular e-zine (optional)
  • 3 social media posts/shares

Submission Deadline: Dec 31, or sooner if possible!

Mailing Dates: We will give you a suggested time frame, but since this is evergreen, it doesn’t really matter when you promote the book. We want it to work for you and your marketing schedule!

What We’ll Provide For You

  • Swipe copy for email and social media
  • A beautiful webpage that you’ll be proud of 
  • A stunningly gorgeous handbook
  • Reminders and updates of when to mail, how we’re progressing

What We Need From You

  • Email to confirm you are IN with a specific submission date you commit to
  • Sign our contributor agreement here which includes submitting the following:
    • Your brief bio (1 paragraph in 100~ words) + photo
    • Your website URL
    • A free gift/offer for the participants to invite them into your world
    • Your Ritual
    • Your Story (optional)

Affiliate Program

Our organization is dedicated to creating 1 million circles on the planet, which means we are here to provide all the resources and training for women to start, lead and grow their circles. 

We have high-quality programs available for women who want to go further.

On the backend of the opt-in for the book, subscribers are invited to: 

  1. receive our Art of Leading Circle Startup Kit, a beautiful book mailed to them for only $10 (US) and $20 (Intl) S&H. This is a guide for women who want to start their women’s circle. They can then purchase the video course and you will receive a 50% commission. If you would like more information about AOLC, please visit: and feel free to email me any questions.
  2. receive our free 4-Part Video Training Series on Leading Women’s Circles that then invites women into our signature How to Lead Circle 12-Week Program. Our program has been successfully helping women to develop their leadership since 2016 and has hundreds rave reviews. We provide you an affiliate link for the book and give a $200 referral fee for anyone who signs up for the program. If you would like more information about How to Lead Circle, please visit: and feel free to email me any questions.

(These are optional, so subscribers can simply receive the Women’s Circle Ritual Handbook and immediately opt-out.) 

We look forward to co-creating with you an inspirational handbook for women around the world. Let us know if you have any questions.

In sistership,

Tanya Lynn & the Sistership Circle Team


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