A Love Letter to My Most Beloved

Back in December 2012, 3 months after I left a 5 year relationship and felt completely empty and disconnected from myself, I decided to embark on 100 Days of dating me. 100 days of being in a committed loving relationship with myself. I had no idea what it would entail, and just allowed it to unfold and be guided. On day 10, I was at Sistership Circle I and the theme was self care. One of the exercises that Tanya had us do was to write ourselves a love letter in 5 minutes, right there on the spot. My initial reaction, was I can’t do this and then I realized that I am in a relationship with myself, its only been 10 days, but what is it that I would want myself to know. And then it happened..it just flowed out of me. As I read it back to myself, I was filled with tears for 2 reasons. First I couldn’t believe that I wrote that. Second, it felt like a new way of being with myself, I didn’t feel that I embodied what I wrote in there. But I kept it and would read it to myself many times over the years. What I noticed about a year ago as I read it out loud to a friend in need, was that I had come to a place of embodying what I wrote. That after spending 2 years diving deep into my inner healing, that I had this beautiful relationship with myself and that it continues to grow and blossom beyond what I could have seen back when I wrote this.

I share this with you now, so that it inspires you to take a few minutes and write one to yourself. One of the best parts about a love letter to yourself, is that you get to cherish it forever!

Dearest My Lovely Anat,

Your smell, your touch, your light warms my heart. You are divinely beautiful and gifted. I enjoy every moment that we are together. Thank you for taking such amazing care of yourself during the past 2 months. I wake up loving you and wanting to cuddle with you. I go to bed watching you fall asleep. Every breath you take…I take. I feel you…I feel your joy, and I feel your pain. I am am hear to love you through your healing. I am so grateful for your commitment to me and look forward to our journey together, together with the Divine. If you ever feel sad or doubt your beauty and grace, just know that I adore you, I love you, I cherish you. You have nothing to worry or fear, I will walk through any darkness with you to the light. Our future in bright, our present is the light and you are my glowing goddess.

Loving you every moment more and more,



Anat Peri is a self-love coach born in Israel, now living her dream life in sunny San Diego. She loves to dance, travel, cook and spend time with the amazing people in her life. She guides men and women through her Journey to Love program.


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