May 9, 2016

Inspiration & Motivation

Healing the Father Wound

“Healing the Father Wound” is from the Divine Wild Woman Podcast Heather Woodward is an intuitive business coach who helps women break through the glass

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Mind, Body & Spirit

Nurtured by Nature

Nurtured by Nature I felt the tender and loving care and touch of mother nature at the beach today. My bare feet on the sand

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Sister Stories

Do You Know Your Mama Powers?

Yesterday I was feeling a little overwhelmed while working on a project and it was towards the end of my “work” day and I had to shift into mama and wife mode.

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To let go or not to let go

To Let Go or Not to Let Go Along my journey of living, growing, loving, enjoying, learning & evolving, there is one particular area that

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Beasts of Change

There is an earthquake happening. Tectonic plates are shifting and the Old Ones want to keep it all intact, all in place. The lava of

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