Nurtured by Nature

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Nurtured by Nature

I felt the tender and loving care and touch of mother nature at the beach today.
My bare feet on the sand felt deeply rooted and welcomed.
I felt at home.
The ocean water washing up over my feet felt refreshing and cleansing.
The salty ocean breeze blowing in my face felt like a tender touch and caress.
The sunlight shinning on me made my body feel the warmth of a loving hug.
I saw the bright loving yellow light inside me grow and expand and radiate outwards like the sun rays.
I was shining bright. It filled me with self love and passion for life, for my life and all life around me.
It was such a deep and magical experience of connection with mother nature.
It was a state of pure tender love, harmony, bliss, peace and deep nurturing connection.
I am love and loved at home with Her.


Teresa Echaide is a single mother of one beautiful boy. Her intention is to empower women in their lives, in their spiritual and personal growth, to be of support and loving guidance on their journey to health, wellness and transformation. She intends to gather and create community to share wisdom and knowledge, be of support to each other and get us connected back to our true nature through mother nature.

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