Want love, bliss, harmony and fulfillment? Let go of this

The Time Has Come

Love, bliss, harmony and fulfillment knocks at my door. I feel this dread overtaking me. Why would I feel dread? This is what I’ve been asking for and dreaming about for so long. Rather than convincing myself that I should feel good about this arrival, I bring my presence and attention to the dread and say hello.

As I am present with the dread, it shifts and reveals this fear of loss. My mind wonders, whatever could I lose with the arrival of all that I’ve been waiting for? The fear of loss is here so I greet it. I breathe deeply and ask for insights and awareness, calling my guides to inform me of what is taking place. Moments later the information comes to me.

“You may not realize how many coping mechanisms you have developed to make the absence of this okay. Who you know yourself to be, and all the positive traits you have developed such as strength, perseverance, determination, focus, and commitment, will no longer be needed as you welcome this love, bliss, harmony and fulfillment into your life. The fight, conflict and struggle within you will end. You will have nothing to fix, nothing to correct and nothing to heal. That has consumed so much of your time and attention. You have never even paused to consider who you would be without it. That’s what you fear, not knowing who you are. In order to welcome this in, you have to be willing to let go of your most cherished qualities and attributes that have kept you pushing forward in the absence of support and staying focused on the task at hand even when you were tremendously afraid or exhausted and just wanted to stop and give up. At first you may not even know what to do. Your motivation for action was based in lack, to gain what you didn’t have or what you were desperately fighting to attain. As you welcome in what you’ve always wanted, your mind will say there is no point to do anything. This is truly a new beginning. Are you willing to welcome in new life?”

I breathe in this information. I ask this love that is arriving to support me to let go of who I’ve been, deeply honoring the path I took to arrive where I am now. I recall a poem I wrote years ago, realizing it was truly informing me of what was to come. I celebrate this moment of arrival, and hear the words of the poem in a whole new way.

New Life

Celebrating life
Refreshed and renewed
Centered in love
Letting the light shine
Remembering what it means to truly connect
Breathing into the space created
Settling, drawing the mind into the present moment
It is here that beauty can be seen, felt and known
It is here that the depth of my being can be accessed
From this inner place of stillness inspired thought arises
Curiosity is sparked, innocence revived
Action flows effortlessly, in tune with what the moment is calling for
One step at a time, evolving towards a fuller expression of Self
Spontaneous waves of joy replace those of doubt
Peace calms the storms of fear
Thank you, thank you, thank you
May the blessings be


Christine Yole is a facilitator of change and transformation. She assists people to reacquaint themselves with their bodies and emotions in a way that transforms their experience of living. Her work takes the form of counselling, energy healing, writing and group events. You can learn more at www.christineyole.com.

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