Are you making this mistake with your language? Do this instead to manifest what you want …

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A couple weeks ago, I asked a woman how much money she wanted to make in her circle business a year from now and she answered:

“I prefer not to put down a specific number and be limited by that amount.”

This is one of the most common problems I witness in women who want to lead, but are struggling to be successful.

They aren’t specific enough and they use “soft language”.

Many women in the spiritual community use soft language in fear of being too direct or too masculine.

I heard this expression first from my friend Anat and looked it up.

Soft language is a phrase coined by American comedian George Carlin to describe euphemistic expressions that “conceal reality” and “take the life out of life.”

“Americans have trouble facing the truth,” Carlin said. “So they invent a kind of a soft language to protect themselves from it” (Parental Advisory, 1990).

Words like “just”, “I guess”, “probably,” and “maybe” are soft language.

This is spiritual bypassing at its finest.

Abundance does not manifest in the wishy washy.

Abundance manifests in the clear, articulate declaration to the universe.

If you are afraid to commit to something because you either don’t want to be limited, or you don’t want to fail, I’ve got some news for you.

You are living in a one day some day conversation that may never arrive.

The truth is, your word creates your world.

Every word that comes out of your mouth creates a ripple effect in the universe.

So if you want something to happen, you need to speak in a way that reflects that desire.

Have you ever noticed that when you run into someone you know, and you say “we should get together!” it rarely ever happens?

But if you say, “Are you free Saturday morning and want to grab a coffee together?” the chances of that happening go up?

It’s the same thing with all of your desires.

The amount of money you want to make this year.
The amount of women you want to attend your circle.
The amount of circles you want to lead this year.

So here’s one simple tweak that I invite you to use in your language:

Make a clear and specific declaration that includes a BY WHEN.

A by when is a deadline for the universe to respond to.

If you are serious about putting your circle on the map for 2019, then say:

“I will start my first circle by June 30, 2019.”


“I will start my first circle this year.”


“I will lead a circle by June.”

If you are serious about making more money leading circles in 2019, then say:

“I will make $10,000 leading circles by Dec 31, 2019.


“I will make more money leading circles.”


“I will charge for my circles.”

Clear. Specific. Timely.

Here’s the trick.

The universe now gets the message and can respond accordingly.

You don’t need to know the where, who or even the what.

The universe will provide all those details along the way.

It’s like taking a road trip from San Diego to San Francisco for the first time.

I don’t know what restaurant I’ll stop for lunch.
Or where I’ll stop for gas.
Or even the exact time I’ll arrive.

I just put the destination in the GPS and the rest unfolds along the way.

So over to you, sister.

Please share: What’s your declaration for your leadership in 2019? Write a comment below.

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In sistership,
Tanya Lynn

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