Sistership Circle Facilitator Roadmap

Our mission is to provide the infrastructure, curriculum, and training to support women leaders in becoming Sistership Circle Facilitators, collectively creating 1 million circles on the planet.

When women feel seen, heard and loved, they light up. They feel empowered to make a difference. When women work together, magic happens.  Now imagine circles in every city…

This is why we need women like YOU to raise your hand and be the catalyst for more circles to exist, more places for women to gather and support one another.

Our certification process supports you in fulfilling your soul’s purpose to empower women by leading them in circle and making money doing something you love. We’ve made it easy for you to get started with our proven curriculum, structure and strategies.

We honor the path of the facilitator as a sacred rite of passage. It is not easy; it takes courage, strength and conviction. Women who choose to step into this role are literally transformed through the process.

We have carefully designed our certification process as a rite of passage with rituals and ceremonies along the way to support women in not only becoming circle facilitators, but in embodying their feminine leadership in all aspects of their lives. We help women see their beauty, brilliance and boldness as women creating their lives by design and creating businesses that express their essence.

As women step into becoming Sistership Circle facilitators, they are joining a tribe of dedicated stewardesses who are committed to spreading the message circle and the rise of the divine feminine in the world. We all hold our roles as sacred, and so this intentional rite of passage experience provides the space for our community to transmit our core values and weave us all together as one tribe.

Level 1 Certification Process

The Benefit of Being Level 1 Certified

Our Level 1 Certification is designed to support women in becoming community leaders and having the tools, community, and resources to build their circle business. You gain instant credibility as a trained and qualified Sistership Circle Facilitator. You also gain access to our extensive and supportive network of facilitators and receive exclusive privileges within our organization.

What’s Included in our Certification

As a Level 1 Certified Facilitator, you receive:

  • A beautiful framed certificate to hang on your wall
  • Permission to use the title “Sistership Circle Certified Facilitator” on your bio, webpage and social media for added credibility

Why You Want to be Certified and Licensed

The question you may be asking is: what’s the difference between being Level 1 Certified, Licensed and a Facilitator Tribe Member?

Level 1 Certification is an opportunity to have credibility behind your name. It can help qualify and edify you in your community.

Licensed is an opportunity to use a 12-week proven curriculum as an offering to your community. If you want to make more money as a circle facilitator, you need to transition from running monthly circles to facilitating a circle program. This can literally take you from making $100/mo running one gathering to making $540/mo with only 6 women or $1080/mo with 12 women in a 12-week circle program. Imagine what that would do for you! You can learn more about our recommended Circle Business Model here.

The Facilitator Tribe Membership is an opportunity to use our monthly curriculum as an offering to your community as well as receive ongoing support and accountability in your leadership.

The 7-Step Certification Process


Complete How to Lead Circle Leader Experience

Whether you’ve been leading circles for 20 years or have never led a circle in your life, our “How to Lead Circle Program” teaches the foundation of Sistership Circle. It’s important as a movement that no matter where you are in the world, circle has the same structure and creates a safe space that both our participants and facilitators can rely upon for every circle.

You must complete our 12-week program with less than 3 absences, complete the feedback form at the end, and lead at least one circle call in the program between week 6 – 12.

** Women who have gone through the 12-Week Circle Experience locally with a certified Sistership Circle facilitator can take the 12-week How to Lead Circle video course and shadow their facilitator to become certified.

We’ve broken this program into two separate parts to give you the chance to not only experience our signature 12-week circle for yourself with other women on the path to certification, but also get a backstage pass into what it’s like to experience circle through the eyes of a facilitator.

Parts 1 & 2: How to Lead Circle Bundle

Part 1: HTLC Video Course

In this video series we take you through the first 6 modules of the HTLC Leader Experience and show you the most important aspects of leading circle: starting it, creating safe sacred space, leading from your intuition, avoiding burnout, and adding value while keeping women engaged.

This is a no-risk course for any coach, leader, yoga instructor, healer or practitioner who wants to feel us out before making a bigger commitment.

After completing the Video Course and feeling like it’s a match, you can then finish your certification process by taking Part 2: HTLC Leader Experience and we’ll discount the tuition for you.

Part 2: HTLC Leader Experience

For you to lead our 12-week circle program (The Circle Experience), you need to experience the entire thing firsthand so that you know exactly what to expect and the transformation that is possible within yourself and your sisters.

We take you through the curriculum as a participant, and because this is a circle for leaders, we up-level it, taking you deeper into knowing yourself as a powerful woman, and giving you the opportunity to lead at least one practice circle before the end of the program.

In addition, you will receive valuable feedback along the way so you feel confident in your ability to lead.

“After leading my first full moon circles that lacked structure and real juicy content, I let them go until I found the training I needed to fulfill my vision. I found exactly what I wanted and needed in How To Lead Circle. I am now very proud and happy that my monthly circles are a huge success!”

– Sharlene Belusevic


Lead Your First Circle

To become certified, you must lead (or have led) your first circle using the Sistership Circle guidelines.

During the 12-week HTLC program, we support women to lead their first circle. You need at least 1 woman present and can hold circle either virtually or locally. You’ll need to provide proof with a photo, testimonial, or registration documentation. You can submit documentation in the application.


Accept the Level 1 Certification Agreements

To become Certified, you must agree to uphold the integrity of Sistership Circle and be a guardian of the container we are collectively holding. Please review the Level 1 Certification agreements here.


Initiation Request

After completing the HTLC Program you will have an understanding of our core values, our vision and be inspired to spread circle to women across the globe. Once you are ready to commit to becoming a certified Sistership Circle Facilitator, it’s time to request your Sistership Circle Facilitator Initiation!

To request Initiation, you must fill out the application that demonstrates your understanding of the Facilitator Agreements and Commitments.

We’ll respond within 7 business days to either invite you to an interview via phone/skype/zoom, or ask you to complete anything that is missing. 

You will receive an email within 24 hours letting you know whether you have passed the interview and can continue to the next step, or if you need additional training before qualifying.


Level 1 Certified

Once accepted, you will receive your beautiful certificate in the mail, permission to write Sistership Circle Level 1 Certified Facilitator on your bio, website and social media platforms, and a badge for your perusal.


Become Licensed as a Facilitator Tribe Member

While your certification is valid without a membership, you do not have access to use the materials unless you are an active member of Facilitator Tribe.

As a member, you receive a monthly circle outline and access to post your events on our site.

  • Curriculum Access: All active members can lead “The Gathering” (monthly circle outlines) and “The Experience” (12-week signature circle program). We pay you via Paypal for all gathering registrations on our site minus the credit card processing fee. We do a 80 (you)/20 (SC) split for The Experience.
  • Website Representation & Promotion: Personal facilitator page, Event Pages, Emails blasts to members in your area, and posts on social media.
  • Marketing Materials: Facebook Event page copy, Facebook Ad copy, Professional Photo Library, Logos, Printable flyers, Business card template to print, and Web banners.
  • Event Collateral: Order forms to register for each program, Ability to order books through publisher at wholesale pricing for resale, Welcome & Sign-in Sheets.

** All future updates to our license are included.

** Training for new curriculums is offered at a discount for current licensees.


Certification Induction Ceremony

Once you have been accepted, you will be invited to participate in our Facilitator Induction Ceremony witnessed by the tribe.

Your Induction Ceremony can be performed virtually on a special Facilitator Call or at one of our retreats.

At your Induction Ceremony, you will receive a framed certificate if in person (otherwise mailed to you without a frame).

At this stage you will be featured as a facilitator on our website and will be given a certification badge for your website.

To use content from Sistership Circle for your Circles there are a couple of options:

  1. You are entitled to use any of the Sistership Circle monthly outlines on the website as long as you are an active member of the Facilitator Tribe.
  2. To use the 12 week circle curriculum or any of its contents you will must become a licensee (see step 7 below)
  3. We have a number of 4-week circle curriculums available for Level 1 Certified Facilitators that you can purchase at an additional cost.

As a Level 1 Certified Facilitator, you are entitled to use the Opening Invocation as long as you quote that it was written by Sistership Circle.

Post Certification Support

90 Day Launch Program

Getting women into a room is one of the most important skills you can learn to fill your circles. We’ve created a step by step process to launch Sistership Circle in your city in 90 days… even if you are new to your city and don’t know any women.

Together we will create an event that will put your circles on the map. In the Launch program, we will mentor you in structuring an enticing Launch Party, creating marketing buzz, facilitating a powerful event, creating your offer for The Circle Experience, and having effective follow up conversations to fill your first 12-week program.

Tanya will personally attend your Launch Party to edify you as a leader and support you with delivering your offer. If you’re ready and ambitious and want to take the fastest path to success, then we highly recommend this program.

1 on 1 Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching with Tanya is for ambitious women who are ready to take their circle game from part time to full time by leading multiple circles, retreats and eventually becoming a trainer.

Tanya is an activator and truth seeker who provides a powerful accountability structure and personalized guidance to work through limited beliefs and break through to the next level. Coaching combines both feminine and masculine principles so that women are clear, confident and courageous as feminine leaders.

For women who want to be like Tanya and train other facilitators to lead circle, “Train the Trainer” is a one on one program available for women once they have been successfully leading circle programs for at least 2 years.

Mastery of Circle Leadership

Mastery is a 10-month journey to dive deep into your feminine soul and emerge leading from your fullest expression so that you make the money and the impact you desire. It’s where feminine essence and cultivation meet business training held in a supportive sisterhood container.

In this program, you find your sweet spot where you shine in your unique brilliance and create your circle offering that is in most alignment with your feminine soul.

You build a structure and system that allows for your feminine soul to flourish in her radiance and make massive impact in the surrounding world.

You express your creativity and unleash your voice in the world, becoming a thought leader who inspires and empowers other women to do the same.

What are you waiting for?

If you are a leader who feels it is her soul’s calling to gather the tribe together, then you have come to the right place. Sistership Circle has a proven model that works, a team that will support you in your leadership, and a growing, global network that you can tap into. We are creating a movement that will move the way the world works. Together we are stronger. Let’s do this!

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