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Brave Woman Podcast Season 3 Trailer

Welcome to Season 3!

After being in a cocoon for a couple months, I am coming out recharged and ready for the next “season” of my life. As I step into the next level of my leadership to hold two containers, Sistership Circle and De La Diosa, I am committed to showing up consistently as my true self. During this episode, I set an intention for the season and share a very vulnerable goal that will either trigger or inspire you. I hope it is the latter ;)

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EP 44: Kathleen McGowan on the Magdalene Line Trilogy

In this episode, I talk to Kathleen McGowan author of 4 powerfully connected books shining a light on some of history’s most notorious women.

Kathleen talks about the hidden stories of these important women in history including Mary Magdalene, and Matilda and also about her latest book on Anne Boleyn.

Reshaping how we view women in history…


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