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EP 14: How to Come Out of Your Shell and Shine Your Light

What if your inner voice is telling you that you can’t, and even though you are consciously aware of the problem, you still struggle to share your voice as often as you can? Tanya coaches Charity in this episode to uncover the mindset block that is preventing her from fully shining her light.

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Consider/Ask Yourself: 

Do you struggle to show up in the world for fear of being judged?

Do you feel you have more to say, but feel afraid to speak your truth?

Do you desperately want to feel loved and accepted for who you are, and what you bring to the world? 


Charity’s Question: 

How does she move through the block that is preventing her from showing up fully in the world, and shining her light for all to see? 


Charity’s Key Insights and Ahas:

She feels a block of energy between her heart and her throat.

Her block comes from feeling judged, unloved and unaccepted for who she is. 

A younger part of her feels betrayed, abandoned and unheard by her parents. 

She was taught to be the ‘good girl’, to be kinder than necessary, to take the abuse. 

Her safety strategy is to go inwards, withdraw and protect herself.

She spent a lot of time hiding, being by herself, being an island. 

She brings a grounded energy to people.

She wants to take up more space, like a beautiful tree, grounded in her roots and expanding out her branches. 

She wants to be of service to others, providing shelter and safety, from the kindness and generosity of her heart. 

She owns her beauty, her energy and her power. 

She knows it’s OK to shine her light brightly.

She feels a deep connection to mother earth, and embraces her beautiful softness. 

She’s excited to take this new grounded energy out into the world.  


How to be BRAVE:

Bring awareness to moments when you don’t feel safe and explore what’s triggering them.

Notice any patterns and see how quickly you can move yourself out of them. 

If you are someone who withdraws inward (running the Enduring Pattern), visualise being the tallest, most beautiful tree in the forest and extending out that energy. 


Takeaways For You:

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Visualise taking up space in the world and speaking your truth. What does that look like for you?

Know that you have gifts to share, and the world needs you to shine your light brightly. 



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