EP 19: Kimberly Carter Gamble on How to Thrive with Fearless Inquiry

One of the biggest fears women have is using their voice, & speaking their truth. Kimberly shares her journey from believing in something, to making the decision to take a stand, & be brave.

From building an award winning homeless shelter for young teens, to producing two documentaries through fearless inquiry, she believes we have what it takes to thrive in life. Now is our opportunity, as women, to claim who we are, be brave, trust in our purpose, & most importantly develop a relationship with self.


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“I believe that we are in a unified field of energy. That energy is love. It is unconditional love. It’s not connected here and not connected there. It’s one completely connected web of energy.”Kimberly Carter Gamble. 


Kimberly Carter Gamble Produced, Directed and Co-Wrote THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes. Kimberly is the Founder and CEO of Clear Compass Media, Thrive Movement International and ThriveOn. All of her work is designed to help up-level people’s sense of what is possible, so that they stop settling for less.

Kimberly shares her experiences from producing Thrive documentaries, to supporting homeless young people in her community, as well as her spiritual journey that drew her closer and made her grateful for her mother’s presence.


Kimberly shares her experiences about how to Thrive with Fearless Inquiry.

Learn more about her journey, from supporting homeless young people, to producing THRIVE documentaries. 

“…That leadership or bravery or any of that comes from our relationship with self and ideally that includes something bigger on the part of us that’s connected which is, I believe we’re all connected all the time.” -Kimberly Carter Gamble.

Listen to Episode 17 as Kimberly uncovers:


[04:16] The Fact that there were Homeless Teens in her Community. 

  • The homeless were hidden from sight, more than today.
  • There wasn’t a legal place for them to sleep in her community.
  • Creating a very successful program for homeless teens that spread all over the country. 
  • Learning about the source of money and wealth.
  • A journalist for Newsweek international.


[11:33] Making A Movie: Thrive 

  • There’s a perception that I’m just this controversial, fearless outspoken person.
  • The biggest fear that women have around using their voice, and being visible is the resistance they may experience. The slander, being ostracized, all these things that you’ve experienced.
  • I’m going to speak up. If that’s being threatened, that requires a relationship to self.
  • The reason women have a hard time is because community is essential to survival. Speaking up threatens our place in the community. 


[19:07] The Spiritual Lessons

  • There’s a matrix of control that we described, that plays out in every sector that helps, funnel people into particular world views and beliefs. One of the primary ones is that science has a lot to do with what a civilization believes is real and possible. 
  • Eliminated resistance. 
  • We’re all connected to these insights and technologies and to the scientific paradigm. Science and spirit are telling the same story.


[22:51] Love Being Older and Be a Woman

  • Near death experience.
  • The strength that women can find.
  • Her favourite thing is to be with women who recognize their purpose and live it. 


[26:53] The Plant Medicine

  • It’s such an important piece of us finding that connection with the earth and the oneness.
  • Shaman in Costa Rica and who has a fabulous book called Insights.
  • Big believer in intention. 
  • What we’re picturing really matters and that there’s always a lot of energy flowing. I think of it like all the birds flying in the same direction with intention.
  • Accepting the mission and seeing her mother as giving herself to be a part of that evolution for her to find her way home.
  • It was the first time she felt grateful for her mum, and the role she had played. She was profoundly changed.
  • It’s not a magic pill that then you just get to go on with a bunch of bad habits and crummy thinking patterns. It works. That’s not the case, but if you’re willing to do the integration and the work, it is a real gift and she’s super grateful.


[37:10] Covid and Reality as an Individual

  • Distinction as an individual and unified always, with every other living being visible and invisible. It’s a balance. 
  • Covid and seeing families being ripped apart.
  • The importance of circle and how circle plays a role in our world. 
  • Honor the individual and the collective, and that we get to learn how to really honor both of those things when we come into circle.
  • Allow each person to have their worldview and to believe what they believe.


[39:00] Unconditional Love 

  • Unconditional love is a tall order, and yet it’s the medium of consciousness. 
  • To know who we want to be, who is our highest self and what is unconditional love and what would that show up as? 
  • Fearless in inquiry.


[47:56] Democratizing Empowerment.

  • Her purpose is to help up level people’s sense of what’s possible, so that they stop settling for less. 
  • It’s important to know that there’s a way that money and education and media are being used that we need to tend to.
  • She does believe that alignment with purpose and staying in fulfilment of that is equal. 
  • We’re all equally empowered to live our purpose and it doesn’t take any money to keep your word. It just takes self knowing and then aligning your values with your behavior. 
  • We’re each a unique individual snowflake, like no other on this planet. We all need to really recognize the divinity in our unique paths.


Power Quotes From the Show


The Terms of Bravery

“In terms of bravery, I realized what happened is I went from believing in something that, of course, every community should have a safe place for people to sleep, to standing for it. And that two degrees of difference was the difference. For me, to really sort of own my bravery, as you’re describing it. I say two degrees because it’s only the difference between like 49% and 51%, right? 51%, you take action. It doesn’t mean your heart’s not fluttering or that you don’t have doubtful thoughts or any of that. It’s just which voice do you listen to and how do you move forward from there?”Kimberly Carter Gamble.


Fearless Outspoken Person

“I’ve had people leave the room if I walked in or were mean to me or misrepresented me or slandered me or all this kind of stuff so here I am now. I’m sure from the outside. Oh, I’m just this controversial, fearless outspoken person. In fact, I’m just somebody who went from believing in something, to taking a stand and I am for people, I’m for the planet, and I’m for the life force. I believe we have what it takes to actually thrive. I am going to do everything that I can to help make that.”Kimberly Carter Gamble.


Line of Equanimity

“I have had so many people tell me that the things I’ve experienced couldn’t be how I experienced them. It’s okay if you can’t conceive of that. I’m okay with that. It doesn’t prevent me from feeling sad that we can’t get there together. It doesn’t prevent me from all the humanness of it, but there is a through line of equanimity that comes from knowing what I know, within a context it’s so much bigger than me. I think that’s something that I don’t know. I’m sure everybody can come, but women in particular, there’s just kind of a certain kind of strength that women can find. When we do, it’s the most formidable force on the planet.”Kimberly Carter Gamble.


Creating Space For Asking The Questions

“This un-schooling notion of really putting resources and guidance and mentorship behind what kids are passionate about and creating space for them to ask the questions, right. We allow that. Then we have these amazing human beings who are on, they’re learning from such a young age to really be on purpose versus what they should be doing and what they should know.” –Kimberly Carter Gamble.


Whatever Your Purpose, We Need You

“I would like it for people to be women, to be able to tune in and really not sanctioned themselves against whatever the gift is. That they discover inside that we really needed all, there is a place for everybody, whatever your purpose, we need you.” –Kimberly Carter Gamble.


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About Kimberly Carter Gamble

Kimberly Carter Gamble Produced, Directed and Co-Wrote THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes. Kimberly is Founder and CEO of Clear Compass Media, Thrive Movement International and ThriveOn. All of her work is designed to help up-level people’s sense of what is possible, so that they stop settling for less. Towards that end, she focuses on breakthrough innovations and technologies that empower people and heal themselves and the planet in unprecedented ways. She is a mother and grandmother, and is grateful for the opportunity to have such a love-filled and on-purpose life.

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