EP 20: Ruby Fremon on Leading with Integrity and Potency

Our guest is Ruby Fremon, a leadership coach, mentor, speaker, and podcaster. In this episode, we talk about potency, integrity, and leadership, the importance of shadow work, and why complacency is the opposite of conscious growth. If you’re ready to reclaim your potency and step into your power, then this episode is for you!



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“It’s personal power. It’s you, not just feeling free to make your own choices, but it’s your own sense of empowerment. It’s being fully responsible for your own stuff, & not placating, & not dismissing, & not bypassing. All of this has to do with our sovereignty.” – Ruby Fremon


“A lot of people like to associate sovereignty with independence and power, but it’s so much more than that. It’s also you facing your shadows and you taking ownership for where you’re at and what you’re experiencing in your life.” – Ruby Fremon


Ruby Fremon had multiple defining moments before she chose to step into her power and face her shadows. Now she is a leading influencer coach for thought leaders on a mission and is empowering many women. Her journey is ongoing, but she is not afraid to face her own limits, fears, and failures. She helps people who know that they’re here to create a big impact but aren’t clear on how to obtain it yet. In our episode, she shares her powerful journey and all that she’s learned from it.


Listen to Episode 20, as Ruby Fremon Uncovers:

[02:44] Her Journey

  • Our entire world and all its constructs are designed to program us to fit in certain parameters, so it’s difficult for many of us to feel free to be who we really are.
  • Ruby had multiple defining moments in her life when she realized she wasn’t free.
  • For a while, Ruby just treated the symptoms, but eventually, she realized that she had to face her shadows.
  • Her last defining moment was when she fainted in a club and had a concussion and nerve damage.
  • At that point, Ruby decided to make the opposite choices as before.
  • She shifted her life, went deeply into personal development and that changed everything.
  • Over time, Ruby could really step into her own personal power and be fully in her sovereignty.


[12:08] The Power of Shadow Work

 Confronting or acknowledging your shadows is actually being with it, sitting with the problem, and facing it.

  • When Ruby feels that a shadow is coming to the surface, she is trying to breathe deeply and asks herself why she feels this way.
  • This shifts her from a state of fear to curiosity.
  • Ruby’s most dominant shadow has always been the not-enoughness.
  • It’s an ongoing healing journey for her but it helped her cultivate a more compassionate, loving relationship with herself.


[21:38] Complacency

 After 2020, many people are craving to get back to the state of complacency.

  • However, complacency is the opposite of conscious growth.
  • 2021 will show us that we have to shift our minds and stop clinging to complacency.


[24:42] Co-creating with Plant Medicine

  •  Ruby has been devoted to the path of plant medicine since December 2018.
  • She spent 2 weeks in the jungles of Peru healing with ayahuasca.
  • Plant medicine taught her how to trust and surrender to be with her trauma and pain.


[29:49] Her Spiritual Hygiene

  • According to Ruby, if you’re not devoted to your own healing and working on it every day, you will bring that into the containers that you cultivate.
  • For her, working out and being in nature is the best meditation.
  • As a coach, she is doing a lot of breathwork to cleanse her space. She schedules all her clients on one day, so she can be in the service space versus the creation space for them.


[37:06] Relationships

  • Ruby met her husband on Twitter.
  • It was the second marriage for both of them, so they could really ask the tough questions and be more themselves.
  • They are both equally committed to their own inner work and that made their relationship a lot better.


[45:01] Integrity and Stepping into Our Power

  • For Ruby, being brave means doing or facing the things that she least wants to do or face.
  • Integrity is going to be the word that will come up often in 2021. Currently, we see a lack of integrity in our world, that is why our systems are crumbling.
  • She encourages everyone to embody integrity this year, to help our collective healing.
  • Your potency is yours to own and reclaim. All it takes is the willingness and bravery to uncover it.


Power Quotes from the Show


Lead in Your Potency

“In order to show up and lead, especially now, you must lead in your fullest expression, you must lead as the person that you are, you must lead in your potency because that is the medicine that you need. It’s also the medicine that the world needs. We don’t need more cookie-cutter diluted versions of other things. We need each of us in our own medicine.” – Ruby Fremon


We Are Both Light and Dark

“Through the state of curiosity, we can begin to learn more about why the shadow exists. And that is very important because the work isn’t about healing our shadows, the work isn’t about getting rid of our shadows, we are both light and dark. Right? The shadows and the light coexist in us. That’s the duality within us. And that’s what we get to celebrate. Our responsibility is to get to know the shadows, understand the shadows, and really comprehend why the shadows exist, and why they’re still present.” – Ruby Fremon


Be Devoted To Yourself

“The first person you need to be devoted to in your life is yourself. And I mean, undeniably devoted to your own healing, whatever that looks like for you. And also understanding that healing is a lifelong journey.” – Ruby Fremon


No More Complacency

“If you are consciously growing, you’re not complacent. That’s the opposite. And I think we’re shifting from an era where it was really easy for us to become complacent to now this era that’s calling us to throw complacency out the window and take back our power.” – Ruby Fremon


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About Ruby Fremon

Ruby Fremon is a leadership coach, mentor, and speaker who helps ambitious entrepreneurs grow their movements with integrity.  A catalyst for change, Ruby has helped hundreds of thought leaders build their confidence and crystalize their messaging, landing them on podcasts, stages, television, and the front pages of newspapers across the country, all through a process she calls ‘the inner-work.’  Ruby is the founder of the Thought Leader Collective and host of Today’s Thought Leader podcast which was rated #38 on iTunes for entrepreneurship in 2019. She was named an “Icon of Influence” at the 2018 New Media Summit and “An Inspirational Woman” by The Huffington Post in 2016. As an expert on leadership, personal growth and entrepreneurship, Ruby has spoken on stages around the globe. She has also been featured as a guest on over 75 podcasts, among them Addicted2Success with Joel Brown, which fetched over 3.2 million downloads.   When she isn’t leading her six-figure business, Ruby can be found hiking with her husband, Kevin, or deep in nature at their sanctuary in Austin.

Her Website: www.rubyfremon.com

Her Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/todays-thought-leader/id1319389699

Her Instagram: @iamruby








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