EP 26: Hadiiya Barbel – From Hollywood Artist to Goddess Healer: Turn on Your Magic

Hadiiya Barbel is an Emmy Award winning transformation artist, Soul-prenuer, Educator, Speaker, Coach, Energy Healer and wellness lifestyle influencer. In this episode, she shares one of the bravest decisions she’s ever made, to remove her breast implants, and how that decision freed her from a weight, mindset and way of being that was no longer serving her. 

Since then she’s found healing in circle, and joy in integrating and fully expressing all of who she is, and how she shares her gifts with the world. 



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“Imagine if all women on the earth chose one time in one day, and said at this time for one hour, women all over the world, no matter where you are on this planet, we’re going to move our bodies for one hour, imagine what would happen.” Hadiiya Barbel 


“When I’m doubting myself, I can’t get my rhythm. But when I’m confident, it’s flowing, it’s moving. And it’s happening within me, in that wheel. And so when I think about the wheel, also, I think about the circle of woman.” Hadiiya Barbel 


Listen to Episode 26, as Hadiiya Uncovers:


[2:58] Her Identity Crisis and her Mission 

  • She sees a new, emerging space within women’s work of owning and becoming all that you are.
  • She’s learnt to balance her masculine and femine energies as a healer and businesswoman. 
  • She had an identity crisis and struggled to embrace all of who she is. 
  • Now she consciously chooses to express all parts of herself.
  • Her mission is to set women free. 


[9:13] Healing our Wounds and Creating Sacred Spaces 

  • She’s learnt how to step away from the material world and connect to her spiritual part. 
  • She believes women are seeking answers as to how to heal their wounds without traditional medicine. 
  • Women feel fear about exploring healing that may be perceived as “witchy”. 
  • When clients work with her and visit her sacred space she provides a grounded experience which they can choose to be part of or not. 
  • Her message is one of integration and bravery. 


[13:38] The Power of Circle

  • She finds the work of Sistership Circle inspiring.
  • Circle is a space where healing can happen. 
  • Whether circle is in person or over Zoom, energy is still moving and being shared. 
  • Circle has truly saved her life. 


[16:00] Removing her Breast Implants

  • She got her implants after her divorce and wanted to feel whole again. 
  • After going deeper in her own spiritual work, she realised that she had a desire to be fully free. 
  • She feared how the world might judge her if she got them removed, particularly on social media. 
  • When she had them removed, she felt that the weight she’d been carrying from her old mindset had been released. 
  • At first, she struggled to integrate various parts of herself, she judged herself for her past decision. 
  • Now she’s accepted that who she used to be, has made her into the woman she is today. 
  • She shares her stories from her own personal experience, rather than from a place of judging or telling other women what they should do. 


[26:56] Movement and Medicine Wheel

  • We need to have more fun in our lives and discover who we are and what we enjoy. 
  • We need to do that for ourselves, and not seek for others to bring it into our lives. 
  • Movement has been a powerful tool for her to use when struggling with depression. 
  • If we feel stuck or struggling to break through a limiting belief, moving our energy in circle and putting the intention of medicine into our movement helps with feeling balanced. 
  • The medicine wheel represents the circle of a woman and brings confidence.


 [34:25] What Turns a Woman’s Magic On

  • Hadiiya wrote a book called “Turn Your Magic On.”
  • Independence and acceptance – you don’t have to have lived up to certain expectations of where you are in your life. 
  • Nurturing our bodies through what we consume and creating sacred spaces to do our work.
  • For her, it’s when she creates something, and knows that she can provide for herself financially. 
  • She has the power to create whatever life she wants, a life that she chooses. 


 [38:32] Bring Brave

  • Trust your process, trust that fear is letting you know that’s where you should be because it’s uncomfortable. 
  • You came here to expand and that means there is an opportunity. 
  • It’s not a destination, it’s constant transformation. 
  • Keep moving forward, talk to your fear, allow yourself to move forward and just let go. 
  • Build trust with yourself by showing up. 
  • Stay focused and dedicated. 


[48:29] Ground and Anchor 

  • Invite yourself to process information from this episode and ground. 
  • Take time before transitioning. Slow down and take it all in. 
  • Create a space for yourself to ground and listen.
  • Give yourself a hug. 


Power Quotes from the Show


Removing her Breast Implants

“It was just too much. This is weight I’ve been carrying, from the old mindset, and the old relationship, from an old life. That’s no longer who I am, but I’m still carrying it. It’s time to be brave and release it.” Hadiiya Barbel  


“And the day I got that surgery, I filmed the video. I never did anything with it. But I cried and cried. And I held those breast implants, those silicone bags in my hands, which I still have, and I held them in my hand, and I cried. And I said, wow, this is what I’ve been carrying for so long.” Hadiiya Barbel  


Women and Movement

“And when we do that for ourselves, we are not seeking for others to bring it to us. We’re not seeking or begging someone else to give it to us. It’s coming naturally, the energy is moving. And we already know, for me, the power of movement, woman, movement, it could shift worlds, it could shift the entire planet.” Hadiiya Barbel  


Suffering from Depression

“What am I not allowing myself? Why am I not allowing myself to feel joy? Why am I focused on the problem? What am I not focused on a solution? Because that’s normally where the emotions are coming from. My attention is there, but I’m not thinking creatively. I’m cut off from this energy, of expansion of new ideas, of new ways of joy and something is happening within me.” Hadiiya Barbel  


Medicine Wheel

“But when you put this intention of it being a medicine wheel, and you realize that I am in the center of my world, this circle represents my universe, okay, the orbit is going around me. I’m in the center, and I’m moving the energy around me. I’m controlling the energy with my energy in the middle. So as I’m centered and relaxed and I’m focused, and I’m feeling the energy and the rhythm, so is the wheel moving with me. When I’m off balance, I may drop it.” Hadiiya Barbel    


Turning a Woman’s Magic On

“How are we nurturing our bodies? I’m not just talking about the bubble bath. I know, that’s pretty with flowers on it. I think that’s the image of self care. But it’s different. It’s more than that. Are we making time to sit in our sacred space? Are we doing the work that’s needed on a consistent basis? When I say putting into our body, it’s not just food. What are you listening to? Are you listening to podcasts like this that can empower you? Are you over consuming the media? Or are you focusing your attention on the possibilities? So these things to me turn my magic on. Am I creating? When I want to turn my magic on I create something. I don’t have to be a professional painter to become an artist’s eye.” Hadiiya Barbel   


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About Hadiiya


Emmy Award winning transformation artist, Soul-prenuer, Educator, Speaker, Coach, Energy Healer and wellness lifestyle influencer.


She is the owner of The Beauty brand Araya NYC

The Founder of The Goddess Glo Up community.

And the Author of Turn Your Magic On Book


Her offerings are Spiritual/Business Coaching for Creatives, Sound Vibrational Therapy, Movement Meditations, and enhancing the divine feminine and masculine.

She offers various workshops and vibrational lifting ceremonies across the country, virtually, and internationally.


Her background is rooted in the beauty fashion and entertainment industry.


She has expanded and elevated her life’s purpose by integrating the works of the inner and outer healing. The goal is to create the energetic shift of awareness and truth, as balance is needed on this earth at this very time of existence.


This path that she has now chosen, she is simply a lover of spirit, a guide…a messenger. She is a music lover and spirit dancer, she especially loves to use her medicine wheel aka hula hoop to move energy through my body.


Her Website:https://hadiiyabarbel.com/ 

Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hadiiyabarbel/ 

Her YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbmAs1vAU7xZ6DfrZ1AiXTw 


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