EP 31: The 4 Areas We Must Heal as Women on a Mission

In the first episode of season 2, Tanya shares the importance of women going on an individual and collective heroine’s journey. There is an urgency like never before to shift our internal state. The patriarchy is not outside of you; it is within you. By continuing to give our power away to the authority outside of us, we will never be free. Here are the four areas we must heal to restore the balance of masculine and feminine within ourselves, which will be reflected externally in the world.



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Consider/Ask Yourself: 

How is the collective reflecting your internal state?

Have you felt a split from the feminine, disillusionment with the hero’s journey?

What’s been your relationship with the “womb”?

Do you feel unsafe? How does that lack of safety show up in your body and life?

What has responsibility meant to you? Empowerment or burden?

Imagine the world if all women saw each other as sisters and accepted one another. What becomes possible?

Do you look to men to “save” you?


Tanya’s Key Insights and Ahas:

1:30 The external is a reflection of the internal

3:44 The difference between the hero’s journey and heroine’s journey

6:30 Explanation of the womb

9:15 The importance of doing feminine work together in sisterhood and creating safety

13:00 How we were conditioned from 0 – 7 years old

14:40 The 5 Childhood Learning Patterns

18:04 The 4 areas we must heal as women, starting with Sister Wound

21:15 What the mother wound is

24:05 Why we are all impacted by the Witch Wound

25:40 The Father Wound

29:00 A helpful mantra on the Heroine’s Journey

29:40 The 5 Step Process to Heal


How to be BRAVE:

Do the inner work by healing these 4 areas to step into your purpose in a more embodied way.

Surrender into the feminine mystery.


Takeaways For You:

Instead of blaming those outside of ourselves (mother, father, government, etc), we can go within, on our Heroine’s Journey, to heal ourselves. We are the change we wish to see in the world.



The Heroine’s Journey

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