EP 32: Healing the Sister Wound

How women can shift from competing to celebrating each other.

Women have been pitted against each other for centuries, keeping us separate, disconnected and mistrusting one another.

If we want to see real change in the world, it’s up to us. The key is putting down our swords and shields and coming together as a global sisterhood to experience our collective power.


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

* Why we mistrust each other, and the damage its done

* 5 main “sister wounds” and how to heal them

* How the sister wound is insidious in the spiritual community

* Where to look within yourself to heal and 2 main questions to ask yourself

* How circle plays an integral role in the collective healing process


Tanya’s Key Insights and Ahas:

2:30 – a lofty intention around sisterhood

What if you saw every single woman on this planet as your sister? What if every woman honored each other as sisters? This doesn’t mean you have to be friends with every woman, that you have to like every woman, that you have to agree with every woman, that you need to speak with every woman.

6:00 what is the sister wound

judgment: we put others down to feel better about ourselves

7:50 – worst in the spiritual community

8:45 – how to start doing the work to heal

Michael Brown’s Presence Process – don’t shoot the messenger, get the message.

11:35 – what’s the message – split from the sisterhood in childhood

13:36 – what the originating incident may have been

14:42 – this is all learned behavior – there’s nothing inherently wrong with anyone

We are all good women doing the best we can, with what we learned, with what we learned, with the way in which we were raised.

16:10 – chances are if someone hurts you, they were hurt as a child

17:27 – what was the wound and what was my strategy to protect myself? Did I become the mean girl? Did I push girls away and just hang with the guy?

20:15 – first wound: Competition (2 forms)

22:05 – the way out of Competition

When we are connected with ourselves — our magic, strengths, essence, brilliance — we can see other women in that light.

24:45 – healthy competition

25:36 – next wound: Comparison / Jealousy

26:32 – The way out of Comparison

27:11 – Cattiness/ Gossip

28:00 – How to upgrade your conversations from gossip to inspiration

29:10 – Commiseration

There is a difference between holding space for vulnerability with accountability to get out of the story

31:20 – Contraction

32:50 – circles of celebration

Reel: “When I shine my light, I give other women permission to shine too.”

33:40 – the perpetual maiden

36:40 – the opportunity of circle to create real sisterhood


How to be BRAVE:

Share in the comments:

Whats your story? When did you split from the sisterhood? What was your strategy to protect yourself?


Takeaways For You:

You can heal your sister wounds by having awareness, shifting your thoughts and being in circle with other women to lean into the difficult conversations.



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