EP 38: Sacred Union – Rebirthing Yourself in the New Paradigm

How women step out of negative patterns to birth themselves into Sacred Union.

When women balance accessing both their sacred fire and water they become integrated and embodied women.

In order for women to fully walk in their purpose and sovereignty, they have to be in tune and aware of the signs the body is giving. Doing so will bring equilibrium within and conscious creation of their life and relationships.


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the feminine and masculine centers in the brain are and how the feminine is the least accessed in Western Culture
  • What are the sacred fire and sacred water
  • How to use the five elements to get rooted in the body in the embodiment
  • How to work with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to avoid overtaxing your system and bring ease and healing
  • How relationships are essential to experiencing embodiment

Tanya’s Key Insights and Ahas:

1:26 Part 1- Birthing yourself as a fully embodied woman, the Sacred Union

4:44 Part 2-How to reconcile the feminine and masculine using the elements

24:26 Part 3-Birthing yourself in relationship to other

How to be BRAVE:

The questions in birthing yourself are, “what is my sacred fire, how I use my sacred water and how to relationships help me step fully into my fully embodied BRAVE woman?”


“We have this Union of the fire and the water, but there is also the wholeness of the five elements. when we can sync up with that and connect with that inside and outside of ourselves then we are truly in embodiment.”

“You are these elements incarnated for a purpose on this planet right here, right now.”

“You are not alone…so in stepping into the next part of our journey in really embodying the brave woman your work is not just inner work. Your work is in relationship with others…the five elements…with plants and animals…with the the cycles of the Sun and the Moon, and relationship with the people around you.”


The Karpman Drama Triangle official site

Youtube video explaining Drama Triangle

Luminous Training site


How can you use the elements to help your body and life stay in equilibrium?


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