EP 42: Completing Your Heroine’s Journey (Season 2 Finale)

In the season finale, we recap the heroine’s journey we went on together during Season 2. Tanya gives you two powerful rituals to do as part of conscious completion of this process, keeping you consciously aware of who you are as a brave woman leader.


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of conscious completion
  • A funeral ritual to anchor in the new paradigm for yourself instead of reverting back to old patterns
  • How to leave the legacy of “wow, that woman showed up”
  • A baptism ritual to rebirth yourself as the brave woman

Tanya’s Key Insights and Ahas:

1:30 – the importance of conscious completion with the cycles of life we are in and why you may come across some of these lessons in the future

3:30 – a new context for the heroine’s journey moving forward

4:00 – maintainence vs initiation modes
4:20 – review of the journey we’ve been on together

10:15 – journal about what you got from this journey – insights and celebrations

12:00 – addressing the fear of slipping back into the old familiar patterns

13:00 – the funeral ritual

16:40 – the baptism ritual

18:55 – the importance of putting a support system in place going forward for times when you go into the underworld again

*20:25 – who you are REALLY doing this work for (this should inspire you!)


How to be BRAVE:

Do the two rituals, take them seriously and use them as defining moments in completing this journey.



Life is cyclical and so you may find yourself on many heroine’s journey in the future. Now you have tools to navigate the darkness and keep yourself consciously aware of what’s happening for your growth and expansion as a brave woman leader.


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