EP 41: Embody The Power of Your Magic

What does it mean for you to be in your unique magic and full feminine power? The patriarchy has conditioned us to act like men, and disregard the divine feminine. This episode is about reclaiming and remembering your feminine super powers. You have the power to create and you get to say how it goes. Tanya shares a powerful story to demonstrate how she shifted her mindset around circumstances that were potentially going to take her out by getting that it was happening for her, not to her, and how you can do the same in the face of any challenge.


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the feminine super powers are and how to tap into them
  • The key to reconnect with the magic that you hold inside of you as a woman
  • The #1 question to ask to keep yourself from going unconscious and reacting to your triggers
  • How to both discover and express your unique individual magic in the world
  • A critical resource you need to stay in your magic ongoingly

Tanya’s Key Insights and Ahas:

2:10 – the masculine and feminine as energies to connect with, regardless of gender

2:30 – understanding what are “feminine super powers” and the divine feminine

6:30 – getting stuck in circumstances

7:15 – the concept of the multiverse and the lens we each view the world from

8:00 – what it means to be disconnected from your magic

8:50 – the work: respond instead of react to circumstances

10:40 – example from Tanya’s life

16:00 – the whole package of who we are – body and mind – is magic

16:50 – the question to ask to keep yourself from going unconscious and reacting to your triggers

17:40 – the manifestation process to create miracles

17:50 – your individual unique magic

19:00 – Your lock pad and the code to unlock it

20:00 – the point of it all and why you were brought here with your unique magic

22:55 – one way to find your magic – clarity

24:55 – how to express your magic and protect yourself from being burned at the stake

27:00 – ritual to set boundaries and only attract those who are meant to receive your magic

28:50 – the importance of calling in sister support

*30:45 – the magic of the collective

*33:00 – who are you for your lineage?


How to be BRAVE:

What have you been reacting to recently? Why is this happening for you?

Are you connected with your magic? What’s your dharma?

Who are you for your ancestors and the women after you?



Life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you.

You get to say how it goes.

You are the magic. You have access to pure potentiality to create what you want.

The work: notice when you go unconscious, go into survival strategies, when you get triggered, and fall victim to the circumstances


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