EP 50: Davana & Aubert on Sacred Union, Conscious Parenting & Birth

What does it look like to be in conscious union with a partner where you are both doing your sacred purpose in the world?

In this episode, Sacred Sisters co-founder Davana May and her husband Aubert Bastiat (co-founder of Sacred Sons), share their journey as a power couple, parents and creating sacred missions to empower men and women on the planet.

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Listen to Episode 50 as Tanya, Davana & Aubert Uncover:

  • What an “arranged” marriage from the divine looks like
  • How Aubert started Sacred Sons that now has events with 450+ men
  • Why we should rest every 7 years by taking a sacred pause
  • How Davana has navigated birth from c-section to a natural VBAC with a “wild pregnancy”
  • What happens when you trust the process and keep in mind that “tomorrow isn’t guaranteed”

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What you’ll discover:

3:00 – introductions

5:40 – story of their conscious union

14:30 – the shift from friends to romantic

17:30 – honoring needs

18:20 – how they started their organizations, Sacred Sons and Sacred Sisters

20:50 – the catalyst with Standing Rock

24:10 – the power of prayer to call in your purpose

26:05 – how his purpose has positively impacted their relationship

27:25 – Davana’s sacred pause

30:00 – Coming into fatherhood and being part of his sons’ births

32:24 – What is a “wild pregnancy”

34:30 – what they learned from the contrast of c-section and “wild” birth

40:20 – Choice points – taking the easy route and trusting the divine orchestration

43:20 – Davana’s leadership giving birth and stepping into becoming a birth educator and expert

45:00 – plan for the 3rd birth – finding balance, choice

47:10 – how they maintain the relationship with little kids

Power Quote from the Show

“I was so grateful and happy that my son got to go into this beautiful women’s space with hundreds of women sharing ancestral crafts and being together in the feminine, and I also felt this grief well up within me of recognizing that we don’t have that as men. We don’t have this large gathering where men are coming together and celebrating our masculinity. … And from that grief came the clarity that it’s my responsibility to bring that forward. So the vision for a large men’s gathering was born in my heart.” — Aubert Bastiat

“Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Now is all we have.”

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About Aubert Bastiat

BOSS – Broadcaster of Sacred Sons & Co-Founder

…shares the fire of love ignited in his spiritual heart during a non-substance-induced mystical awakening that saved his life and set him on a path of devotional purpose.

Aubert’s direct experience of God as superconscious, unconditional love, destroyed the atheism he was previously identified with and catapulted him on an intensive journey of inquiry and healing through travel, study, and practice of the great World Religions, Alchemical Psychology, Indigenous Wisdom Traditions, New Ecopsychology, Psychedelic Medicines, Western Psychotherapy, and Core Shamanism; which led him back to school to study counseling psychology and substance abuse recovery, graduating with high honors and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services.

After 20 years in Information Technology at Fortune 500/1000 corporations working as both technician and engineer, Aubert left IT behind to devote himself fully to the vision of Sacred Sons. He brings with him over a decade of in-depth study, practice, training, and facilitating consciousness transformation for individuals and groups into the work of Masculine Alchemy in brotherhood, which he believes is paving the way for collective healing through reunion of the Masculine + Feminine.

Aubert is blessed to have been mentored, trained, and supervised by psychotherapists in practice since the psychedelic Renaissance of the 1960s, renowned holistic healers, and the founder of Inner Guidance Institute, Amara Samata. He is a devoted husband and father of two sacred sons, thriving in the rugged beauty of Austin, TX.

Get all the links: https://campsite.bio/aubert/

About Davana May

Named after the Davana flower, artemisia pallens is here for the global awakening of humanity and the rise of the divine feminine and sacred masculine in creating harmony and balance on this Earth.

After her own dark night of the soul which launched her on her self-healing journey, she connected to her own truth and innate gifts through which she shares to support others in discovering their own inner truths that they may sing their song and dance their dance.

She believes that world peace begins in the home, and that home is within. Her passion is women’s work and she sees that as women connect to their own bodies, hearts, wombs and ignite the ancient feminine fire of wisdom within, this healing energy radiates out through the collective.

Davana is a certified wellness practitioner, incorporating, herbalism, aromatherapy, movement, breathwork, shadow work, womb work, vocal activation, and energy healing.

She facilitates Women’s Circles, and works 1:1 with women and men. Her inspiration is rooted in the timeless teaching: to be present and to live with love and open our hearts to see the divine in ourselves, in all Beings, and in all moments.

Get all the links: https://campsite.bio/divinedavana

About Tanya Lynn

Tanya Lynn is a “strategic activator” and the visionary CEO of Sistership Circle, a global organization that offers leadership training for women to reveal themselves and step into their power, so they start their own circle business. Tanya has been internationally facilitating, coaching & leading groups of women since 2006. Along her journey, she has found that balancing the masculine and feminine holds the secret to BEING a brave woman who is fully seen, heard, and celebrated as her true self while actualizing her dreams.

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