EP 51: Mellissa Seaman on Soul Gifts and Africa

Stanford educated lawyer, Mellissa Seaman, had a spiritual awakening that allowed her to be the bridge between two worlds, teaching people how to tap into their soul gift to do the work they were born to do. In this episode, you’ll learn which soul gift type is yours and how to stay conscious as you step more into your spiritual leadership.

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Listen to Episode 51 as Tanya & Mellissa Uncover:

  • How to navigate “cultural appropriation” with advice from an indigenous elder
  • The 5 Soul Gift Types and how to identify yours to step more fully into your genius
  • The importance of nature for feminine leaders to get into your potency

What you’ll discover:

1:50 – our trip to Africa

– the importance of getting back into nature to rewild myself as a woman and leader
– virtual world is just a tool for us to get back into our potency
4:20 – the bridge of 2 worlds – masculine (corporate) and feminine (soul)
soul gifts
5:50 – Mellissa using the turkey feather for my migraine – Zulu guides – “outing my witchiness”
7:25 – the symbol of the turkey vulture – cross cultural significance
South African + Northern Mexico – prophesy bird
11:00 – Cultural appropriation – advice from an indigenous elder and tracking the energy, staying conscious
15:50 – What to do if you are a white woman having visions of native people
17:27 – how to tap into your soul gifts – identify which one of the 5 is your type
18:55 – 1st: Transmitter
21:13 – sensitive and feeling like it’s “too much” – avoiding energetic blow out
24:25 – being called a “diva” and reframing to “i need more rest and special care cause my body is a special instrument
26:22 – can I really charge money? Why transmitter have trouble charging for their services
27:11 – 2nd: Messenger
28:57 – 3rd: Creator
30:36 – Researcher
31:31 – Explorer
33:35 – Stepping into 50s as the Wise Woman and the “meno-passage”
36:25 – Devotion and ante-up
44:15 – This is the time you came for and what that means

Power Quote from the Show

“Citing your teachers and celebrating the sources of where you’ve learned things is just good energy, it’s good protocol. It’s not a ‘naughty girl bad girl’ thing it’s a ‘hey let’s celebrate where things come from’. Let’s honor that.” – Mellissa Seaman

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About Mellissa Seaman

Mellissa is a Stanford-educated former business litigation attorney, whose intuitive gifts awakened rather suddenly in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter.  She is a deep intuitive, who has the “clearance” and uncanny ability to deeply see and heal people with big energies – including folks with big power, big money, and therefore big energy bodies.

And with her grounded calm confidence, her compassionate warmth, and her quirky sense of humor, she can bring through huge healing, potent clarity, and deep wisdom without making it dogmatic, scary, or weird.

Learn more: https://channelyourgenius.com/

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About Tanya Lynn

Tanya Lynn is a “strategic activator” and the visionary CEO of Sistership Circle, a global organization that offers leadership training for women to reveal themselves and step into their power, so they start their own circle business. Tanya has been internationally facilitating, coaching & leading groups of women since 2006. Along her journey, she has found that balancing the masculine and feminine holds the secret to BEING a brave woman who is fully seen, heard, and celebrated as her true self while actualizing her dreams.

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