EP 58: Quanita Roberson on Birthed out of Belonging: A Path to Heal the Mother Wound

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Listen to Episode 58 as Tanya & Quanita Uncover:

  • The 3 stages of being an initiated adult and how to be spirit led in our decision making
  • How to connect with your ancestors as an American who doesn’t feel their “roots” with the land
  • The myth of the indepedence and what it means to become interdependent

What you’ll discover:

1:30 – What it was like having parents who were 15 years old when they got pregnant

3:55 – what it feels like to grow up communal – Quanita’s book   Birthed by Many Mothers

5:00 – grandfather was oldest of 17 kids – growing up with a neighborhood of family

7:50 – Perfect Madness – Mothering in the age of anxiety

Our generation (40s and 50s) Raised to be business women – learned to manage our children instead of mother them.

Over scheduling our children

12:00 – need boredom for the juice to come through

14:40 – what it means to separate from our mothers

15:30 – 3 stages from childish to child-like – innocence, innocence betrayed (mother wound), renewed innocence with discernment

Stuck as uninitiated adults – 

Initiated means moving from being earth centered to spirit centered in our decision making

From lower to upper part of the heart chakra

17:15 – the journey requires things of us, but our culture gives us opportunity to look outside of ourselves instead of within

18:20 – giving each other grace

Triggers are rooted in your past not mine

19:30 – how do we create these initiations for ourselves?

Elders help us through initiation

20:25 – Fire And Water 16 month journey – leadership initiation

How do you meet yourself?

23:00- group has committed to meeting for 16 years after completing the program – what they are up to

23:30 – consciously going through your hero/heroine’s journey with others holding space for you

 24:10 – Soul Craft book on ascension and descension, balancing of masculine and feminine

  25:00 – a different take on spiral dynamics (consciousness/moral development framework) – the gift of the feminine in conscious development 

29:10  – we are birthed out of belonging

“We cannot not belong because we come from belonging.”

30:30 – Tanya getting teary – we are all looking for connection

31:25 – myth of independence – quest for independence is a trauma response because we are all dependent

32:55 – shift in perspective and healing for Quanita around her mother 

33:55 – concept of “cathedral building” and evolution, what it means to be interdependent

 34:45 – white people and their relationship with ancestors as “founders”

36:00 – best way to connect with your ancestors as a “mutt”

36:50 – how do you do a culturally specific diverse initiation in the US and connect with your ancestors as a “mutt”

37:55 – pick a path and go – the unseen world wants to meet us too and things open up

40:00 – Quanita’s program at Evolving Sisters Network

discovering the 3 stages of your deepest feminine wound  

“The wound happens in community so the healing needs to happen in community”

43:20 – what it means to be a brave woman

About Our Sponsor

This episode is sponsored by Jamie Wiggins, Womb Medicine Woman, mother, poet and coach. You can find her at jamiewiggins.org.

Here is the poem she read:


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About Quanita Roberson

Quanita’s parents had her when they were 15 years old—they were growing up just as she was. Her family was deeply rooted in community and wasn’t always a safe space to be. Because of this combination she started her healing journey at a young age. She is a healer. It has taken me a long time to grow into this… to grow into herself. Mostly because she never quite understood why a person would choose this life. Now she understands that a life like this chooses you. She is a facilitator dedicated to addressing embedded trauma. She’s a spiritual teacher, speaker, author, life coach, and storyteller. Her work over the past 20 years has been focused in the areas of healing, initiation, grief, leadership, diversity, and inclusion.


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