EP 59: Jamie Wiggins on Healing Childhood Trauma by Connecting with the Womb

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Listen to episode 59 as Tanya & Jamie Uncover:

  • An ancient practice to tap into your “womb juice” on a daily basis and live your life more in sync with nature and your truth
  • The secret “womb” map laid out to help you shift out of the patriarchy and into greater alignment with your creative power
  • Outline for circle leaders wanting to create ritual and ceremony for young girls and teens
  • You’ll also experience a beautiful Tree Wisdom meditation

What you’ll discover:

1:30 – the shift that occurs when we live in alignment with the seasons of our menstrual cycle

2:44 – story of healing migraines and other pain from childhood trauma by coming home to the womb

5:40 – sexual trauma at 14 years old

Diagnosed at 20 with Poly cystic ovarian syndrome

8:00 – the dream about a tree and a chalice that set the stage for her path as a healer and stepping into her power

10:19 – correlation between migraine and womb

11:30 – An ancient practice to tap into your “womb juice” on a daily basis and how to activate the energy there
Melanie Swan – sacred womb podcast

16:00 – the wisdom or messages that comes in from this process of deep listening to the womb

17:25 – Tanya’s story about Avalon, Mary Magdalene and having the messages come through too

21:15 – sharing this work with our daughters; Womb Dance offering to moms and their girls

23:00 – ritual for girls to connect with their wombs

25:00 – First Moon Ceremony for girls – 4 part workshop aligned with the seasons

28:00 – the womb is our powerhouse creator – the map to shift out of the patriarchy starts when you bleed

33:40 – guided Tree of Wisdom visualization

About Our Sponsor

This episode is sponsored by Anabel from Nuna Therapy, a Quantum Reiki Master, Astrologer, Women’s Circle Leader, and mom of two. Her mission is to help women re-connect to their authentic selves on all levels. 

Today, she is excited to share with you a FREE Four Elements Personality quiz to help you gain a new perspective on your unique makeup using the elements of Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. 

The quiz will help you determine which element is strongest in you and which one could use more nurturing, along with practical tips for bringing them into balance. 


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About Jamie Wiggins

Jamie is here to help activate your shakti presence. Activating, blessing and caring for
this creative life force is her life’s work. She began this devotion in its early stages as an
trauma informed Art Therapist when her heart’s passion was clarified when she found
the wellspring of creation in the womb. She is trained as a Womb Medicine Woman and
spent many years steeped in Jungian dream analysis. Jamie has two wild and wooly
children and has been a poet and writer since she was small. She loves to take naps and
meditate with her womb daily. The deep rejuvenative energy of the womb has supported
her through illness, parenthood and much more. She lives with her two children, her
ocean loving husband and overly excitable dog at the mouth of the Columbia Gorge in
the Pacific Northwest on the ancestral land of the Wasco people.

You can contact jamie at [email protected] and find out more about her one
on one Creative and Wellness Coaching as well well as where you can join us for Womb
Dance and much more on her website at https://www.jamiewiggins.org/.





https://wombwork.as.me/  (Book Now) Link

Here is an article she wrote to get your life force flowing:


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