EP6: Dare to Share Vulnerably

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Vulnerability is the key to evolution in sisterhood. When we feel safe to be authentic, we pave the way for other women to do the same. By not masking or pretending we are more able to take authority and create change that serves us. 

Tanya is sharing stories, examples, and resources to better understand the importance of being authentic in where we are emotionally in our evolution. Making vulnerability an ever-expanding identity in all that we do is the most empowering thing we can do for our reality and the collective.

Diving deeper into ourselves is medicinal and uncomfortable. This episode is all about doing just that. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Is it easy for me to be vulnerable? Where am I needing more space to be authentic and expressive with my vulnerability?

What patterns keep me out of my vulnerability?

What memory do I have where another woman was vulnerable and it served me in my process?


The 5 Personality Patterns 

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