EP5: Your Pussy is Not Dirty

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The Yoni is the source of all that is. Once we awaken to this energy, we will shift this world. In this episode, we are going into the sacredness and power of the womb and yoni. 

Tanya is sharing stories, quotes, and teachings all about reclaiming the power of our Yoni. Authenticity is claiming this power for ourselves as we step into leadership for the collective and embody the truth of who we are as sacred beings.

It is time to release negative connotations around what it means to be sacred, sexual, and in the flow of our pussy power.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is my current relationship like to my pussy? What is my ideal relationship like to my pussy? 

How can I create more sacredness in my sexuality?

Where can I make more space to build a loving relationship to my yoni?


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