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EP 63: Releasing Past Pain from the Women Who’ve Hurt You

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Do you mistrust other women? Chances are, you were burned, hurt, ostracized, or cast out as a child by classmates, blood sisters or friends and it’s still affecting you as a woman today. Tanya and Tara explore the ways we unwittingly hurt one another and how we can create opportunities for healing instead of perpetuating the sister wound.

Listen to episode 63 as Tanya & Tara Uncover:

  • The prevalent way that we cancel each other and how we can have brave conversations instead
  • How to reflect on the medicine when you get hurt by another woman so you don’t spiral into self-doubt
  • Why we close our hearts to other women, making a decision that they aren’t safe
  • A powerful opportunity for you as the listener to clean up and repair old relationships

What you’ll discover:

2:45 – Tara’s story

6:00 – rituals from our circle together

7:00 – Tara’s recent “sister wound” with a collaborator/co-facilitator

11:15 – Prevalent theme: cancelling and not saying anything instead of having a brave conversation (and not present to the impact)

13:00 – Tara’s reflections on the mirror

14:15 – medicine: take responsibility and make amends

18:00 – Challenge for you as the listener

19:40 – pretending we are ok vs. being vulnerable and real

20:40 – instead of spiraling into self-doubt and blaming self, Tara caught herself and rose above it

22:15 – Tara’s childhood sister wound being ostracized and cast out by a group of girls and how she healed

26:30 – going into freeze and making a decision for years to come that it’s not safe – pattern developed

how we close: “I will never let that happen again”

29:50 – releasing the guilt from the past – brave woman move

31:20 – Tanya’s story of hurting another classmate not understanding the impact, following the leader

34:00 – opportunity to teach the next generation of girls how to be better

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About Tara

Tara Nedbalek-Mayne is the sole proprietor of Consciously Wholistic, holding space for women who survived childhood abuse and neglect, but find themselves struggling to thrive as adults. As an Intuitive Healing Coach, she uses circle gatherings, meditation and art to shine light into their darkness, helping them find their footing, and remember their power, as they journey to conscious wholeness. She is Mom to five grown children, and Gammie to their ten children. She lives on a small farm in Northeast Texas, with her husband, their dog, and two cats, where she raises chickens, grows wildflowers, and keeps bees for fun.


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