EP8: Dismantling the Patriarchy with a Mass Awakening (it’s happening!)

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In this episode,  we are diving deeper into the patriarchy and the ways it is deeply embedded into the shift taking place in the collective need for change. The uprising of the B.R.A.V.E. Woman archetype is portrayed in those of us who choose our vision for the new Earth over the existing structures that keep us unseen and out of our power.

It is time to rewrite the history books and examine the reasons our societal structure was created the way it was. Tanya uncovers how schooling structures, single-family units, industrial military complexes, and so much more of the structures utilized by America have been organized to keep the masses as conforming citizens. But at what cost does conforming without examination and uprisal come, and how can we take action now as women? 

This episode is for you if you are seeking education and inspiration regarding how we can shift away from the patriarchy and into harmony, at this very moment.

Ask yourself these questions:

In what ways can I utilize my privilege to better be of service to those without the same privilege?

What aspect of uprisal against the patriarchy stands out to me? Where do I feel most called to begin taking action in my life?

How am I making space for the B.R.A.V.E. Woman archetype in my own identity?


The Conscious Kid

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