EP39: Brittany Reid on Creating Space to Overcome Life’s Biggest Challenges

I had a super raw and real conversation with Brittany Reid about how she’s used S P A C E to learn some powerful lessons from her recent miscarriage, which was one of the most devastating things that has happened in her life.

I can relate.

2016 was the most intense year of my life, and it started with a miscarriage. I did not give myself the space that I needed and continued to get hit over and over that year with more challenges.

Miscarriage and abortion are not topics that we typically discuss; at least 1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage in her life. So why are we not talking about it and providing more support for women during this extremely vulnerable and painful experience?

Many women have felt called to create circles around miscarriage, postpartum and other women’s issue related topics.

Brittany shares her story and her insight in this week’s podcast.

Brittany Reid is a Soulful Online Business Mentor and Ceremony Facilitator. She teaches entrepreneurs how to find ease and flow in their business by working with intuitive strategy and mindset work. She cuts out the ‘complicated’ and ‘hustle’ and taps her clients into the energy where they are ignited with passion and alignment by using practical tools to achieve massive results in less time.

Brittany is also the host of How To B. Podcast which unravels the stories that are often left out. She is diving deep into adventures of conscious, life and business in a modern day society transmuting imposed beliefs and the potency of tapping into our most natural state: being. The vastness of building a millionaire mindset, sitting in ceremony, and how to reconnect to manifesting our wildest dreams.

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In this episode, Brittany shares:

  • How to create more space in your life to listen to your soul’s whisper
  • Her breakthroughs and lessons from having her second miscarriage this year
  • The secret to “walking as living ceremony” and how to bring more intention into your daily routines
  • Connecting with ancestral wisdom and letting go of the pain we hold in our wombs
  • Overcome shame and start living in alignment with your cycle


3:26-  What’s alive for you around this time of year?
5:09- Keeping your head above the water after grief
8:22- Where to start in creating stillness
9:42- Me time
14:10- Listen to your rituals
16:20- Holistic nutrition
21:17- Brittany’s experience
40:24- Love your vagina


Annual Review and Completion Ritual:

At the end of the year, I sit down and create space to reflect on the lessons from my year. You can do the same to stop repeating old patterns and set yourself up with more intentionality for the year to come.

To make it easy for you, I’ve created a downloadable worksheet for you to use here.

I’d love to hear from you: leave a comment below with any of your lessons or insights from this Completion Ritual as well as your stories around miscarriage to inspire more women who may be currently go through one and have no one to turn to.


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