Facilitator Friday: The Power Beam

In a society focused on fixing what’s broken, there are limited places where we can just be ourselves.

Be heard.
Be seen.
Be acknowledged for no other reason than simply because we exist.

Circle is that place.

It’s a safe haven for women to come and not be fixed.

So one of the most important things for you as a facilitator to eliminate in your circle is feedback.

Feedback is our reactionary way of interacting in our society. We want to give our opinions, solutions and ideas. While the underlying intention is to be helpful, what is more helpful is simply holding the space for women to be heard. Period.

How you can shift out of the feedback habit is by using what we call the Power Beam, which I’ll explain in this video.


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The Art of Sacred Facilitation

Take Action

Do you tend to give feedback and want to help/save others? Is it challenging for you to just hold space and allow someone to speak and then beam them? If not, do you have other techniques to help you hold space without giving feedback? Please share a comment below.


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