EP8: Tracey Trottenberg on Speaking with Soul and Sharing Your Message

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Episode_7About Tracey Trottenberg:

I’ve known Tracey for 5 years and am always lit up and inspired by our sister time together.

I’ll never forget how she rocked the Tribal Truth stage back in 2011 … she was by far one of the most powerful speakers that year on our stage.

As a Master Trainer and Professional Speaker working across the globe for over two decades, Tracey has worked with thousands of coaches, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and specialists to help them hone their message and show up more authentic and powerful on stage. She’s honored to have been a top ten finalist in EWomen Network’s 2013 “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker” out of thousands.

In this episode, Tracey shares:

* What the choiceless choice is
* A step-by-step process to powerfully share your shame story so it impacts and transforms others
* How to elevate the conversation when the people around you are in negativity

What you’ll hear:

8:53 – what it is terrifying to be seen and how to honor that feeling of fear and shame within you

10:18 – who your ideal target market is and how to access those people

14:23 – how Tracey went from the pain of being given the silence treatment as a child to transforming that pain into her soul purpose

20:20 – Tracey’s process to powerfully share your shame story so it leaves others touched, moved and inspired

21:00 – the difference between “dumping” and “sharing shame to make a difference”

24:00 – how to open yourself to being used by the divine

26:30 – how you share yourself and the story so you find the place to go higher

29:10 – a story on why we should discern when to go to our friends for advice

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