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EP9: Phoenix Muranetz on the Initiation of a Divine Feminine Leader

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Episode_7About Phoenix Muranetz:

Phoenix Muranetz is a Women’s Sensual Liberation Specialist and the co-founder of the Awakened Woman Conference and inspired creator of the Mythic Self – a practice helping people around the world tap into the vastness of their souls. As an initiate in the ancient lineage of Sophia Tantric Wisdom, her work connects women back to their embodied wisdom, creative expression, magic and sensual energy for authentic connection, success and personal power. After struggling with depression, suicidal tendencies and disconnection in resisting her true soul’s path most of her early years, she came to embrace the essence of her natural abilities and gifts.

Now, she works with women around the world privately through intensive work, private coaching, initiations, and through her yearly conference. As a speaker and performer, her unique ‘Prayerformances’ are best described as transformational and sacred initiatory journeys in the edge where art, creativity, and play meet.

In this episode, Phoenix shares:

* how vulnerability is the key to today’s feminine leadership
* how to receive support and nourishment as a leader
* how to find your true self in the midst of comparison, judgment, and seeking approval
* how she took on a project that is so massive that most people wouldn’t dream of it

What you’ll hear:

3:00 – on listening to divine guidance

6:00 – how to receive support as a leader and nourish yourself

9:30 – how to let go of the judgment society taught us toward our wombs (because we need to have flat stomachs to be beautiful!) and start to love your womb

12:00 – why there is still work to do on ourselves (when we think we should be further ahead)

14:00 – from seeking approval to finding yourself: the initiation into becoming a divine feminine leader

27:15 – the importance of creating divine rites of passage in your life as part of your initiation

28:30 – why we should let go of the Instagram Persona

29:00 – letting go of the fear of being vulnerable in public

31:17 – backstage pass to the Awakened Woman Conference

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