Ever feel overwhelmed? This will help …

Hi sister,

Last week, one of our Mastery students left a message for our group in tears, completely overwhelmed by all that she had taken on.

She wanted to quit and put her head in the sand like an ostrich. She just wanted to hide.

Can you relate?

Have you felt overwhelmed by … everything?

In our busy worlds, we are constantly overwhelmed by information (social media scrolling), stress (the cost of living has skyrocketed), over-committing (FOMO), and comparison (I should be further along).

But what is the source of the overwhelm?

As someone who has a lot on her plate with a full-blown business managing a team of people + two kids under 4 + trying to find time for myself, I am no stranger to overwhelm.

I tend to push myself to my edge constantly, which is one of the keys to my success, but also the source of burnout and adrenal fatigue.

So over the past few years, I’ve worked on alleviating not only my own overwhelm so I could expand my capacity to hold more, but also teach women so that they could follow their dreams and start their circle businesses.

I hear five main types of overwhelm from women who want to create a successful circle business that get in the way of fulfillment.

Can you find yourself in at least one of these?

#1: Overwhelm from too much energy – these women are highly empathetic, energetically sensitive and would much rather float in another dimension. They struggle to ground any project in action. They don’t feel safe in the material world.

#2: Overwhelm from helping others – these women are constantly helping everyone else and can’t distinguish who they are because they are energetically hooked with everyone else in their life. They struggle with setting boundaries and getting their own needs met. Sovereignty is a struggle. They don’t feel safe as an individual.

#3: Overwhelm from surviving hardships – these women have hunkered down because they keep getting hit with hardships, one after the other. Life is too hard, too many circumstances come up to get anything accomplished.

#4: Overwhelm by doing it all alone – these women can’t trust others and so they take on everything themselves. They are overachievers and struggle with burnout from holding their emotions in and not letting their guard down.

#5: Overwhelm from perfectionism – these women need to have everything figured out and can’t make a mistake. They struggle to deviate from the rules in fear of getting in trouble. They don’t feel safe losing control.

These five types are not limited to leading circles, they are patterns that all people face in life. And they come from our childhood.

From 0 – 7 years old, we developed coping mechanisms to overwhelm depending on our environment and how we were raised.

Understanding your “type” is key to getting out of the pattern that you play out over and over again when you get triggered by something that overwhelms you.

Once you identify that the trigger is not the things on your plate but a reaction to the childhood wound, you can then get freed up to take action and move forward with your dreams.

You also get freed up to let go of the misaligned things you’ve taken on that are taking up too much bandwidth so you can realign with your deeper truth and be more intentional and on purpose.

For women starting their circles, this is critical. That sneaky overwhelm can surface as a reason to pull back, not take action or quit the dream altogether.

Steven Kessler wrote a brilliant book that helps you understand these 5 types so you can navigate overwhelm and end needless suffering when you are pursuing your dreams.

Check out this interview where we talk about it here.

For myself, understanding that I’m #4 has helped me open up and trust others to support me. With Feminine Uprising LIVE and How to Lead Circle, I’m experiencing no stress or anxiety because I’ve created teamwork around me.

Would love to hear from you … Which of the 5 types are you? Share with us on the blog below.

In sistership,

Tanya Lynn

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