It’s My Birthday Today!

It’s my birthday today! ????

39 years ago, I came into this world in full presence.

Aware of the hospital lights glaring in my eyes.
Aware of my mother’s breast as my source of nourishment.
Aware of my body’s weight after being weightless in the womb.

I came to earth at this particular time, to be raised by these particular parents, for a reason.

To heal the separation of the feminine.
The mother wound.
The sister wound.

To build community, connection and collaboration.

To be a truth seer and truth teller.

To remind women of their truth and the power of circle.

To empower the leadership in women around the world.

To empower the leadership in two souls I call my daughters.

To partner with a man whose soul purpose is to empower the feminine.

I am here.
I am present.
I am. Just. Getting. Warmed up.

I set an intention to be at peak performance at 40.
Peak sexual energy. Peak physical performance. Peak of my career.
And I am well on my way.

Strong body.
Strong spirit.
Expanded mind.
Connected soul.

I don’t have anything to prove. I know who I am and why I am here.

So I’m going to get (my ego) out of the way so I can truly serve my mission, my purpose, my dharma, as the creatrix of Sistership Circle, the platform for women to stand on and the community for women to rise up together.

I’ve found that every time I’m about to go through a major upgrade and step into the next level of my power, I go through the fire.

The past few weeks, I’ve been in that fire. Purifying. Cleansing.

With awareness of the process.
So that I can deepen into and reconnect with presence.

I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes: “The female being has been chosen by the creator to be the portal between the spiritual realm and this physical realm. The only force on earth powerful enough to navigate unborn spirits onto this planet. So tell me, why do we not treat her as such?”

That moment when I came out of the womb, when I went through that portal from the spiritual to this physical realm, I was in presence.

And now, I’m so clear that it is to PRESENCE we must return.

Because presence is the access.
Presence is the key to mastering circle leadership and the art of living.

Presence is what allows us to be deeply connected to all of life,
To be able to experience the fullness of the circle.

Presence is what allows us to give up the way we think it should look like,
And accept what is.

Presence is understanding that no matter what the universe throws at you,
Life works.

The more I deepen into presence, the greater the space I can hold.
The more I deepen into presence, the more I can respond to life with grace.

If there is one thing I have accepted this year is that I don’t need life to be easy. I just need to deepen into presence so that I am not in resistance to all that life throws at me.

It’s the resistance that causes suffering.
It’s the surrender that creates ease and ultimately joy in the messiness of life.

I’ve taken on a big mission in this lifetime, one that is constantly throwing challenges at me. Life will not give me anything I cannot handle. So I will rise up to meet the challenges, and continue to grow and expand into my fullest potential as a human here to realize her soul’s purpose.

And in this moment, I am making a commitment to hold you. To treat you as the powerful force that you are.

Who I am for you is someone who can handle any communication.

I may get triggered at first, but I will lean in and hold the space for deep healing as you speak what’s alive for you.

Who I am for you is someone who will stand for your greatness and listen for the underlying truth.

Who I am for you is your sister ally who will always have your back.

You can count on me to never give up on this vision
of 1 million circles on the planet,
of worldwide sisterhood,
of the new model of feminine leadership.

So on this day as I remember who I am and share that with you,
let us celebrate the rise of the divine feminine
in all her glory, grace and grit,
in her many facets and forms, and
in her brilliance, beauty and boldness.

If you feel called to let me know the impact I’ve made on your life, it would be an honor to receive that gift from you. Please leave a comment below.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

In sistership,
Tanya Lynn


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