Feeling upset about the elections? Read this

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If you are feeling angry, sad, frustrated, terrified or even outraged about what happened last night, sister, you have every right.

And so I’m writing this as an urgent message to stay strong and to give you some guidance on what to do today and the next few days.

Now is not the time to get depressed, self-medicate, drink or start packing your bags to leave the country.

Now is not the time to check out and tune out, but instead to check in and turn on.

The patriarchy is in full effect today, trying to take you out. But sister, you are strong. You have been doing the work. You are awake and have been preparing for this. You will not be taken out of the game. You will remain rooted in your power and rise up in a much bigger way than ever before.

This may be the greatest opportunity of our lifetime. This may be the moment that women have been waiting for: a true catalyst for the divine feminine to blow the fucking lid off.

To keep yourself from spiraling downward and remain in your power, here are some powerful tips and tools to use to keep yourself in your power:

Understand and Empathize with the Shadow

Donald Trump and all he stands for is a representation of the collective shadow. Why did people vote for him? Because all the anger that has been suppressed is bubbling up to the surface.People are sick and tired of the status quo. Change needs to happen. And sometimes, change only happens from a major, major breakdown. The shadow is coming into light so we can collectively heal it and have the breakthrough we need before we go extinct as a species.

If you think about it, more and more people have been waking up to the truth. And how do we wake up? Usually from some defining moment when we were knocked upside the head. Some had a cancer scare. Some lost their job or a loved one. That moment was a wake up call.

This is a wake up call for the rest of humanity who has not yet woken up.

The thing is, you are awake and you have been preparing for this. You’ve got this. So the key is not in going back to sleep, but in staying awake and trusting yourself. Trusting LOVE.

Love will prevail, it is all there really is.

So what would love do?

Love would empathize. Not judge, blame or shame Donald Trump and his supporters. Not to create more separation and division, but to see the mirror that we are all one. The Donald reflects some shadow aspect of you. When you can face that part of yourself, and empathize and love yourself unconditionally, you can then see The Donald is a new light. And you can love him unconditionally despite his sneer and his childish threats. This love is what will transform our world.

Hating him, blaming him, and fearing him is only playing into the game. That is the resistance that will only perpetuate the shadow.

This may completely upset and trigger you, which is exactly what needs to happen. The outrage and grief need to be felt. Fully.

Allow Yourself to Feel and Move the Energy

While marijuana is now legalized in my state of California, now is NOT the time to go smoke a joint, drink, self-medicate or numb out, but to FEEL.

That’s right, FEEL.

Because that’s what we as women were born to do. Even though we were taught that those feelings were crazy and we should keep them under wraps, they are our source of power.The more we feel our rage and grief, the more we are able to feel our joy and our pleasure. The truth is, when we feel fully, we come into our fullness as women. This is how we take back our power.

Feeling your outrage, sadness or frustration does not mean that you should drown in negative thoughts.  Feeling your feelings means tuning into your body, not your monkey mind.

Turn on some Rage Against the Machine and thrash around your living room with a pillow. Scream if you must. Cry. Feel deeply, feel fully and notice how alive you feel. Feel the pleasure that bubbles up in the aftermath. It feels so damn good to finally release and be free!

And then, after the emotions pass through you, get your pantsuit on and get into action.

Turn off the Distractions and Turn on the Inspiration

There are so many distractions right now, so much drama. Don’t let it suck you in. Notice how your anxiety and upset level increases when you turn on social media. Pay attention to what hijacks your system and has you spin out into negativity and what keeps you calm and in a state of love. Unplug from the negative distractions and focus internally on what you want, not what you don’t want.

I have personally removed Facebook from my phone. I am not going to watch the news. I am going to focus on what lights me up and inspires me.

I am NOT going to let this take me out. I am NOT going to let this take me down. And neither will you.

One of the most beautiful things yesterday was the Pantsuit Nation Facebook group. Over 3 million women came together to inspire and uplift one another. We came together as a sisterhood like I’ve never experienced before. The older generation of women – some at age 103 – were walking to the polls because it was such a momentous day. We felt the divine feminine rising like never before in this century.

Focus on the opportunity. Focus on what IS happening … the rise of the divine feminine. Focus on your desires because that is the language of the divine feminine.

What will make you feel good today? What would be pleasurable? Do that. Feel that.

Be Your Mission

As the year comes to an end, now is the time to focus on completing 2016 and creating 2017 for yourself and your life. More than ever, we need more women lighting up, thriving and claiming their pussy power.

Use the anger as fuel for your passion and become the full embodiment of your mission. It’s time to turn up the volume and spread your message because it is full of light, inspiration and empowerment.

The world needs you more than ever right now, can you see that?

So resolve RIGHT NOW that 2017 is the year when you break through your own glass ceiling and step fully into your dharma like never before. That you BE YOUR MISSION so it comes more fully into fruition.

And then gather with like-minded sisters who are committed to supporting, celebrating and uplifting one another.


There is immense power when we come together, especially in times like this. Join us.


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