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EP11: Sarah Drew on Why Women are so Important NOW

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Episode_11About Sarah Drew:

In this episode, Sarah shares:

Remembering our Ancient Roots and Feminine Wisdom
Feminine Revolution and Mother GAIA-What it your part?
What is the GAIA CODEX?
The Power of Story and Enchantment to Awaken the World?
Accessing our Ancient Wisdom Treasures?
Wisdom Circles-The Power of he Many and the One
Women as the Voice of Mother GAIA
This Potent Evolutionary Moment-Why are Women so Important Now
The Journey of LIla Sophia-Awakening as a Transdimensional Species of LOVE.

What you’ll hear:

4:20 – about the Gaia Code and the Priestesses of Astara
8:30 – how do we access the ancient knowledge coming through to us
9:35 – a reading from the book
12:45 – how to be a feminine leader and do women’s work
13:30 – who we are as women as vessels
16:30 – exploring goddesses through religious studies
19:20 – conscious women in corporate and Sarah’s talk at Google on the Gaia Codex
24:20 – how we can collectively spread the message of the divine feminine so it becomes main stream
26:20 – why it’s time for us to put our voice out there

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