EP10: Giordana Toccaceli on Being an Irresistible Woman with Men

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Episode_10About Giordana Toccaceli:

In this episode, Gio shares:

* What men want and need from you to keep the romance alive
* How to connect with yourself and your emotions as a woman
* The difference between being masculine and being feminine in relationship

What you’ll hear:

6:08 – how to become irresistible as a woman in your femininity
10:40 – how to attract a “manly man”
11:40 – the difference between being in your masculine (managing) and feminine (being with)
18:00 – what men say happens when they are in relationship and what they need to be a “man”
19:30 – what can we do as women to stay conscious in a relationship once babies come and keep a sense of self
24:20 – developing a relationship with your emotions and living in your heart
26:30 – how to treat your body as sacred
30:15 – the mirror of interdependence and using the question “what would love do?” in relationship
32:30 – the misunderstanding between men and women

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