How safe do you feel in sisterhood?

On a scale from 1 – 10, how safe do you feel in sisterhood?

1 – What sisterhood? Women are bitches
2 – 3 – I’ve been severely burned by women in the past and have my guard up
4 – 5 – I feel alone and disconnected, but want to belong in the sisterhood
6 – 7 – I’m working on my healing and starting to open my heart
8 – 9 – I’ve healed so much and see every woman as my sister
10 – I have loving, supportive female friends and feel deeply connected to the worldwide sisterhood

We’d love to hear your response here.

There is a major sister war on the planet.

It’s kind of like a cold war … women shunning each other, talking behind each other’s backs, doing catty things to one another.

Women have been pitted against each other for centuries and today, many women do not truly feel safe with other women.

It’s been passed on through generations.

That’s why we at Sistership Circle are so committed to healing the sister wound by addressing some of the sister crimes we commit to perpetuate the sister war.

That may sound over dramatic, but until every woman in the world has the experience of real and authentic sistership where she is loved, accepted and celebrated as herself, we’ve got work to do.

Especially if you are at a 8, 9 or 10, you are here to pave the way and model this sistership.

We are at a pivotal point in history. The survival of humanity depends upon the divine feminine rising where we choose …

peace over war
love over fear
connection over separation
unity over division

In the restoration of balance between masculine and feminine, things shift.
We come back into harmony with the earth.

Women are rising up in droves demanding change.
Women are using their voices for good.

And, we cannot do it alone.

We must come together as a collective worldwide sisterhood.

Together we must turn the “sister war” into sacred sistership.

Where we
honor one another
celebrate one another
support one another
open our hearts to one another

instead of
gossip behind each other’s backs
backstab one another
steal from one another
compete against and compare to one another

When will it end?

When will women see the truth
That we are allies, not enemies?
That each and every woman on this planet is sacred?
That we are all in this together?

We must stop perpetuating the sister war.

By doing the work.
Confessing to our sister crimes.
​Making amends.
Forgiving ourselves and one another.

It ends with me
It ends with you
It ends with us
Our tribe at Sistership Circle.

Are you IN?
Will you take this stand?
To do the work for the collective?
So we can all rise up into our power?


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