Introducing Our HTLC Leadership Team

In my keynote speech that I mentioned a few days ago, at the end I invited women to come stand by my side on the stage and speak about their dreams in front of the room.

It was a powerful experience to demonstrate the power of sisterhood support and celebration.

It also represented the holy trinity.

There is a term in carpentry called “Sistering a Joist.”

If an existing joist becomes weak, the builder puts a new member right next to the original one and fastens the two together to strengthen the original. Sometimes, two new joists are needed- one on either side.

This is a powerful analogy for the sisterhood we are building where we support one another in times of weakness and celebrate each other in times of success.

At Sistership Circle, we believe that part of the magic of “sistering” is the four C’s:


We are not supposed to do this thing called life alone.
We need each other.

While I am the captain steering Sistership Circle right now, I’ve got a powerful crew standing next to me, supporting the movement. They are my sisters, and what I’ve realized through my journey is that I need them to “sister” me because I can’t handle the load on my own.

When we value connection first, things flow with ease and grace.

When we co-create content, it’s that much more potent.

When we collaborate with other leaders and organizations, it’s that much more powerful.

When we communicate (especially the stuff we are withholding), we create deeper connection, love and affinity.

You know we’re doing something right when we have women on our team who’ve been around since the beginning.

Let me introduce you to these fabulous women:

Sharlene Belusevic

Director of our membership and the most senior How to Lead Circle trainer, Sharlene participated in the first How to Lead Circle program in 2016 and has been with us ever since. She’s known for her soft, grounded wisdom and powerful presence. Sharlene has been leading sold out circles in her hometown of Peterborough and started a few other circles nearby. She’s the mama of two kiddos and is our guided meditation and visualization extraordinaire.

Peta Bastian

Firey and passionate, Peta has been with Sistership Circle since 2015 when she joined the first Mastery of Circle program and started leading circles in her hometown of Adelaide in South Australia. She’s a How to Lead Circle trainer, Facilitator Tribe guardian and director of Australia. Peta is the mama of three boys and our essential oil goddess extraordinaire.

Kerstin Weibull Lundberg

How to Lead Circle trainer, Kerstin was in the same How to Lead Circle class as Sharlene and has been leading circles in Sweden. She’s been a corporate trainer for 20+ years and has a specialty of teaching leadership with her horses on her farm. She’s a wise woman and known for her insight and intuition.

Rae Ireland

How to Lead Circle trainer and MC for Feminine Uprising LIVE, Rae brings the spunk, art and soul to Sistership Circle. She’s both a dancer and singer and went to the same high school as Tanya, just a decade later. Rae brings adventure, play and creativity to circle and is usually found traveling the world.

We’ve got more leaders rising up and want to continue to share our platform so that it is not just my face, but a whole collage of faces.

Perhaps you feel called to be on our platform … maybe one of the faces will be yours in the near future.

In sistership,

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